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Year 2-conference update

by admin on April 22nd, 2005

I’m here, it’s late and I’m trying my best to stay awake.

We got here slightly late due to a traffic accident on the Sacramento freeway. Once we arrived, we had some issues with out room reservation, which took some significant conversations to sort out…once we got our room, our keys wouldn’t open the doors, and that required more discussion with the staff.

We finally got checked in, and headed for the bar to get a beverage to calm the frazzled nerves.

MY check-in material for the conference didn’t exist, so THAT required a lot more hassle, so I could get my dinner tickets, and other food coupons for the weekend, not to mention my handy man-purse.

After all the problems were hashed out we headed to the local market for some more beer, and snacks to get us through the evening.

Dinner was at 7, and by that time several memebers of our staff had fully enjoyed a variety of adult beverages. Dinner was buffet style and went smoother than most wedding receptions…Dinner was steak, and potatoes, with a variety of salads, and veggies….pretty tasty to be sure.

This year’s dinner was more interesting in that it had entertainment prior to feeding. A local school provided a drum circle to entertain us for 15 minutes as we all were seated. Most drum circles are hippyesque, and annoying, this was pretty well coordinated, and actually very well done, and to think it was all continuation students, made it more impressive. I enjoyed it, and thought…”wow, our kids could never handle that much instruction or discipline.”

Dinner featured several speakers, a few awards, and essays read and written by students from a couple schools…the essays weren’t going to win any literay awards, but they were nice. Dinner ended, and we excused ourselves back to our respective rooms for more conversation and beer. Everyone thought it’d be fun to talk with southern accents, I can’t explain it, but it was pretty funny…for some reason 75% of our staff had their names horribly mispelled on their name tags…so we’re all referring to each other by our new mispelled names.

There is a dance club here for top 40 music, and a conference provided DJ who plays rollerskating hits, and talks like he’s trying to sell you something. I’m going to go check out both of these events, so I can fully report what happens at each. I know this post isn’t very interesting, or exciting, but frankly, this evening hasn’t been either.

I hope all are doing well in the real world, and I now return you to regular skating direction.

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