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Update from the field

by admin on April 24th, 2005

So it’s night two, late, and I’m in the field, much the same way as last night.

I’ll post the running diary from the session I attended on Monday.

NOW, I’m returning from the dance party part II. It’s the same crowd as last night, with the exception of a couple guys who look like Jose Canseco.

Today after the sessions, I went to the mall with my colleague, to get gifts for my boys. He was looking for gifts for his daughter. Our first stop was Limited too.

Limited too for those of you who aren’t familiar is a shop built to cater for teenage girls. His daughter is in high school so he was looking for some shorts for her. The event would have been awkward as it was, but there was added drama in the fact there was a fight shaping up inside the limited too.

I’ll explain. As I walked in 3 black youth were discussing the following.

“n**** you cain’ let him come up in here wit yo girl…n**** you gotta sock that n**** in the mouth, o’ else ahm’a do it fo you…”


“Seeeerieeus n****** you cain’ roll like this, either you do it o ahm’a bus dis n**** in the mouth right her'”

The individual walked in and got up in this other kids face.

“YO n**** this ain’t happn’ in here, how you gonna walk roun’ wit his girl in the malll!!!”

thankfully no fists were thrown, and the group was escorted out of the store…but for a minute, I saw a very bad scenario playing out.

we didn’t find the shorts, and went to the teddy bear factory, where I built my youngest son a teddy bear. I bought a CD for myself at the Virgin megastore, and a toy for my oldest. We went back for lunch, and decided not to stay for the speaker, which according to everyone else, was actually very worth while…who’d have known. If I would have stayed it would have been the worst thing I’d ever heard.

After lunch we moved some TV’s around the hotel that were raffled off. The funny thing about the TV’s is that the people who WON them live in LA, and they can’t have these 32″ TV’s shipped back to LA, at all…so I may get a TV for $40 tomorrow, not bad.

There was a hospitality room after all, and while not as good as year’s past, it wasn’t bad…the alcohol ran dry after an hour, and we went back to our room to finish what we bought yesterday.

Sitting around talking, and just relaxing with our colleagues has been really fun. It’s nice to talk shop in a situation with no pressure and stress, let people know where I’m heading, get input, encouragement, and just talk, gripe, and be human. Very fun.

A few hours of talking and relaxing passed, we ordered a pizza from Steve’s, and the evening winded down for most everyone. Me, I try and maximize my time…make the most of it. I went and had a beer with my VP in his room, and just talked, that was fun too. He eventually wore out, and went to bed, so I came back to the top 40 dance room, to see if anything had changed.

it hasn’t

I went to the bathroom to check my hair, which sounds amazingly gay, but I’ve been wearing a hat all day, and due to the fact I haven’t been able to find my clippers since we moved, my hair is getting pretty long. While I was messing my hair up this guy was like.

“heeeeey mr. beastie boys….whas up.”

“not much…”

“how much money yoyu got?”

“none, if I had money I wouldn’t be here doing my hair, I’d have gotten a frggin’ hair cut.”

he didn’t say anything else, and I left for the bar. The bar was the same people, with the exceptions I mentioned…and Eddie Murphy wasn’t in the house tonight, although his non crippled twin was, and he was dancing like a girl…pretty strange, I can’t explain it in a way that does it justice…let’s just say he was dipping, and grinding on a girl, the way she should have been doing to him.

I went outside for a smoke, and there was a conversation going on where a guy was talking to his friend whom he referred to as “freaky Freddy.”

He had other friends he mentioned named Kinky Cory, and Pervie Paul, but apparantly he didn’t see them much any more.

He was learnign to boat, but the dude who was his mentor got shot for some real estate deals that went bad…he associated with the wrong people, but being as he was new to the country, and trying to get ‘paper buy any means necessary’ he was due.

There is a prom, and 100 AAU basketball teams all in the hotel at the same time right now…they’re all talking about pot, and trying to play tomorrow high. I don’t get it, but after 5 years where I work, nothing should shock me.

Part of me wants to go back to the top 40 frenzy, but I know what it will entail, so I’m pretty sure I won’t, but I want to go, because if something happend, I’d feel horrible if I weren’t there to report it. They have 5 security guards, and 2 Sac PD officers there, just in case. If that doesn’t scream potential riot, I don’t know what does. We’ll see…

Tomorrow we have a breakfast, and then it’s back home for the last session. These trips while never very educational, always help bond our staff a lot, and that is worth the trip by itself.

Two ‘wild and crazy guys’ next to me are looking for dates online…


Judging by their looks, paying for it would be there only option. I’m sitting next to the little shelf with all the pamphlets on local attractions in and around Sacramento and one of them says.


IF you ended up in Lodi it would have to be an accident…there’s nothing there worthy of making a handout for.

Today wasn’t ever very exciting, with the exception of the near brawl in Limited too. I’m going to go back to the bar, not because I’m wanting to dance, or drink, but because I want to be a good reporter, and some of you would want me to. There’s a waitress in there whom I swear went to elementary school with me, but I can’t get close enough to read her name tag…she has the same rat like features as that girl though, so I’m pretty confident. If I got too close, I’d look pretty creepy, so I’m going to avoid doing that, and just assume I saw someone from 25 years ago.

Last night I slept horribly. My roommate snores like I’ve never heard, it sounds like someone is having violent relations with a bear, and i’m serious. I had a dream I smothered him with a pillow, and then I woke up, and it was quiet, and briefly in my semi-awake state I thought I had actually snuffed the life out of him. I didn’t, and I fell back asleep and I had another dream one of our former students was making the snoring, and I got pissed and threw him out the window.

I meant to buy earplugs today, and forgot…tonight will be long and painful for sure as Grizzly Adams has his way with his bear friend.

You Stay Classy world.

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  1. Paco permalink

    How cool.. you actually went to “build-a-bear” workshop?!?!?!

  2. Eduardo permalink

    Oh, man – I didn’t realize this until it was too late, but I was actually in Sacramento at the same time you were. I didn’t know you were there until late Saturday night, and we left to go home super early Sunday morning.

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