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Dance Party Update- Lady Di, I miss your sweet ways

by admin on April 22nd, 2005

I’ve checked out both dance parties and come to you with a report.

PARTY 1- Conference sponsored. I’ll say this there were about 20 people in there dancing to their 20th Bob Seger song, it was like the wedding reception that went waaaaaaay too long. I left after 2 minutes.

PART 2- Top 40 dance party. This gig is considerably more hip. I’ll give you the break down

15 bald black guys
4 guys who look like that dude from fatburger.
2 guys who should be on the Jeffersons
1 guy who looks like Eddie Murphy in a wheelchair, top rockin’…. literally
30 continuation teachers trying to fit in, but failing miserably…they might as well do the robot they look so out of place.
1 guy with a massive forhead.
30 hoochie mamas dancing with guys who remain stoic even though they’re being throttled by a girl in the pelvic region.
then there are a handful of toss-ins with bad hair or droopie knockers hanging out because they are staying in the hotel and don’t feel tired yet.

the music is ghetto booty rock, which I guess is top 40, but it’s kind of silly. Beer runs about $55 a bottle, and shuffle board isn’t even working.
I’m going back, because I’m not sleepy, and my knockers are saggin’
I’m not throwing down any ill breakin’ moves, Eddie Murphy has me beat, and he can’t even walk….so I’m going to go the wall flower route, and observe.

So you know, I’m not disssing on Eddie, he’s ripping up the floor, even if he’s taking up a lot of space.

The last time I was in this bar, I was with my good friend Eduardo, who threw down a version of James Brown, in karaoke that inspired the masses, and Lady Di was his for the taking….sadly, she isn’t in the house this evening, but if the wind bows just right, you almost think that she is.

I left on the slow jam, some dude who looked like Ray Allen and Seal’s bastard child was giving me the eye, so I figured it was a great time for an update.

I think I hear bass thumping now, so I bet it’s safe to go throw my sons’s college tuiton on another beverage.

tomorrow I’ll return…I promise, free web access in the lobby will help make this a running journal to remember.

I apologize for all my spelling errors, I’ll try to fix them next week…it’s all about content now, the other stuff can wait….

I have to go I feel a tut coming on…

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