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Year 2 Day 118- I am Lothar, of the hill people.

by admin on March 1st, 2005

Well the big news was sort of what I expected. Our principal isn’t returning next year. I thought he was going to go to another school in district, but as he states ihe’s pursuing something closer to his home.i That’s what he’s been instructed to say anyway. Whether he ends up at the Jr. High or something is still unknown. I have a feeling he’s not coming back to the district. I don’t fault him entirely. He was a nice guy, but nice guys usually don’t cut it as principal. It’s why I could never do the job. I’m too non confrontational. You need a bit of an ego, and power trip to be a principal, and be good at it. You’re not allowed to care for the feelings of others, and what not. His disposition was such, that he rode the fence too often on issues. He also had been delegated to several other time consuming jobs in the district, overseeing other programs. It’s difficult to run a school, if you’re running other programs 2 or 3 days during a week.

Overall, I can’t say this surprised me. I wish him the best however, it’s rare to find a principal that you can just talk to, as a person, and give a giant Bigfoot penis to for the holiday party, and not get canned.

We officially have a lame duck principal for the remainder of the year, There was another principal in the district who was let go too, but he was a teacher in the district for a long time prior, so they had to offer him a job teaching Ag. at the other high school first, out of compliance with contracts and such. He refused the job, because of the districts treatment of him, but he played it wrong. He should have taken that Ag. job. The job has a 20% stipend attached to it. So he’d have been making nearly 85K a year based on his salary. He could have taken every sick day he had, and made them pay him, and raise his retirement funds, and hardly worked.

Oh well, such life. I’m still here.

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