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Year 2 Day 117- BIG news

by admin on February 28th, 2005

We’re having a faculty meeting today, which is normal, and apparently there is BIG news to be dropped… I’m not really sure WHAT it is, but honestly, I don’t care. I’ve heard it’s that we’re moving to a different school site than the one we thought. I’ve also heard our principal is moving to another school in the district… which seems odd since he can barely run this place with all the other district jobs he’s got. I’ve heard teachers are going to be moved all over the district. I’m to the point where I don’t really care. If the news has some mentioning of me returning to the other high school, and teaching art full time… that’s the only news I care about. The rest of it I could care less about.

It’s impossible to sit and try and discuss what imighti happen when related to this district, because so many times what they do lacks any logic at all. I’ve given up. They put teachers out of position, and then get pissy because they’re not performing up to par. Schools are moved all over the district for strange reasons. Facilities are updated in areas that may or may not benefit the kids. Salaries remain constant while everything else increases in price. It’s silly. Then the district sits and wonders why teachers are upset, and leaving the district, and kids as well. It gets to the point where you realize that you have very little say in anything that happens, and nobody really cares about anyway. If they really wanted to see teachers and kids succeed, they’d see to it that people were maximizing their talents, and abilities. I do the district, kids, or myself very little benefit teaching government and economics.

All of this seems to matter very little in the grand scheme of things.

This is the last week of the session, so as of Wednesday it will be movie week. The kids have already made the conscious decision to stop working. They sense the end approaching. If there are 4 or fewer days left in the session 90% of the kids have decided that they’ll never finish another project before grades are due, so they quit working. We’re basically at that point now. I should just bring in movies tomorrow… at least the kids would be quiet.

The funniest thing that happend today was a guy jumped to avoid someone and smashed his testicles on the corner of a desk, and writhed on the floor in pain for abour 20 minutes. It hurt to watch, but at the same time…it was pretty funny.

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  1. Paco permalink

    So what was the BIG news?

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