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Year 2 Day 114- Hot off the presses.

by admin on February 23rd, 2005

Oh how I love dealing with parents. I just got off the phone with one. He was generally concerned with his kid, and understands he’s lazy, and unproductive. He just wanted verification I guess that his suspicions were true. I’ll give you the highlights.

I could hear the kid in the background yelling as his dad asked the questions.

The conversation started with him asking how his son was doing, and whether or not he was going to fail.

I informed him that his son wouldn’t fail, but probably wouldn’t receive anything above a eD’ and Ohm a credit, maybe 1. I told the father he didn’t work enough in class.

iSo you’re saying he doesn’t work in class… i

iCorrect… not enough.i

(in the back ground) iHe’s a liar, I work ALL time in the class..i

iWell he has the class 2 periods in a row we’re 5 weeks into the session, and is STILL on the same project… so you can take that as you see it, he probably works MAYBE 40% of the time… i

iSo he’s been on the same project all session long… i

iCorrect, and part of last session.i

( From the background) iI ain’t no F****n’ artist man!!!!i

iSo he coulda’ been done in what? A week and a half?i

iTypically, yes… maybe a little longer.i

(kid) iI do some stuff, people expect me to be F****n’ God… .i

i—- No body expects you to be God! They just expect you to get your damned work done.i

(At this point, I’m sitting on the phone in uncomfortable silence.)

(I F***** [incoherent mumbling] My work!! [more rumbling] Just the other day F*****[blah blah blah] Don’t be sayin’ [mumble mumble]

iI don’t have to tell him nothin’ he knows your lazy!!! I don’t got to tell him that.—I don’t give a damn, and I’m sick of dealing with it!!! I can tell him that… I can tell him I’m sick of you being lazy. You can do your work in juvenile hall for all I care!!!i

iF***** Shut up… i

(I’m still sitting there on the phone as well, silent… kind of chuckling… I mean I don’t know what to say… )

iYou wanna come shut me up, come shut me up… .alright have a nice day sir… thank’ye’i

I love this place.

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  1. Paco permalink

    Awesome… maybe you should invite them to your office for a live parent teacher conference.

  2. Is the kid’s name “C.J.”, by any chance?

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