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Year 2 Day 109- ???

by admin on February 16th, 2005

iThis book says American Government… and I need U.S. Government credits… not American Government… can I get a U.S. Government book instead?i

Yup, someone actually said that to me today. I couldn’t respond. I mean without saying something totally offensive. So I just whispered… iThey’re the same thing… .sssssh don’t tell.i

Hit List

We made a hit list today, the other teachers and I. The hit list is the list of kids who are not doing any work, causing disruptions, and just generally being malcontents. The people on this list usually find themselves out of a school within a week.

We force the administration to put these kids on contracts, for discipline and performance, than see to it that they cannot meet the requirements, and out they go. It sounds really harsh, but if the administration had dealt with these kids the first 50 times they had referrals, or were discussed as being disruptive, it might never have escalated to this. The list usually stops at around 10 students, and they have to be on the list of at least 3 teachers before we exit them. This avoids personality conflicts between individuals.

It’s funny, but after you get rid of the 10 worst behaved kids on campus, a new 10 emerge. It’s usually 10 you never even had problems with previously. It’s like they’re taking a back seat to the worst 10, and biding their time before they turn into supreme jerks. iOh well such and such is kicked out, now is my time to shine.i

It’s a crazy world here.

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