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MOVING REPORT #1- Put your weight on it.

by admin on January 19th, 2005

The move has been interesting. I’ll just say that. I’m sharing a room with an after school program that is on this campus. It’s not MY choice to share my room, but they (the admin.) have told me that I’ll be able to leave an hour early every day for the remainder of the year if I do, I agreed. They also told me I was to dictate how my room should be set up.

This sounds OK to me.

I will say this, my enew’ room is better than my old room. It’s a little smaller, so it feels more manageable. It’s carpeted which is nice. The carper adds to the overall warmth of the room, and sounds not carrying as much. There still aren’t any students allowed to come, but I imagine it will be quieter when the students are present.

The move took me two days to get everything over here.

With two custodians doing most of the work, and 8 teachers to relocate, it takes some time. The first day of the move, I just sat in my room for six hours watching sports century on ESPN. I finished taping boxes and what not as well, but the bulk of my work was done in about an hour.

Yesterday I moved all my stuff over with the help of the custodial staff. It took one load in the trailer. I spent nearly 2 hours putting my room together. It really didn’t take long. I spent the rest of the day sitting on my hind quarters giving myself a Mc-Stomach ache, eating McDonald’s food.

The other inhabitants of the room began setting up their stuff shortly after I finished. I sat here to watch, and make sure they didn’t over step their boundaries, and use more than the allotted cabinet space. They didn’t. But today was different… .

Today they began moving shelves in, and desks, and tables. I understand that they have things that they need to have in their room, but it’s at my expense. I’m ticked that this is an after school program FOR the other school, and for some reason WE have to harbor them for these 6 months. Shouldn’t the teachers for the students the program benefits house this program? I thought so.

Apparently it’s too much of an inconvenience for them to have their own after school program in their classes. I’m basically mad because I have to baby sit all their stuff during my classes, and make sure nobody messes with anything. Ieve also heard that this lady who uses my room has next to zero control over her kids, and they’ll mess with, steal, or do anything they want with MY stuff. NICE.

One interesting thing about this whole move has been the reception we’ve received from the staff of the school that’s already here. Let’s just say it’s been about 40′ degrees outside this week, but about 10 degrees cooler in their/our staff room during breaks and lunch. I walk in, and the eyes roll, the grumbles start, and people just glare. It’s funny. I’ve seen about 75% of their staff thus far, and they’re all female. All they discuss are weight issues, and diets, all the time. I don’t think they ever stop. I’ve been in the lounge 4 times now, and the topic was in discussion each time. I heard some talk regarding Border Collies today, but the rest was weight orientated.

iI gained .4 pounds over the holidays… i

iWow, that’s good… I thought I gained 5 pounds, but when I re-weighed myself without clothes, it was only 1 pound.i

iOh I thought for sure I gained more than .4… i

My thought was who measure weight in tenths of pounds? What are you wrestling up a class if you gain a full pound? Why wouldn’t you just round down, and say you didn’t gain any weight? Or say you gained about a pound? I guess I’ll never understand the complexities of women, let alone fat ones. I guess when you’re pushing 2 bills, only gaining .4 of a pound is something special.

I walk into the staff room, and nobody even says iHi.i It’s bizarre. I know they’re not happy with us and our students being here, but seriously, a friendly iHey how’s it going?i wouldn’t hurt. I guess some of the teachers her have been calling the newspapers, and TV, making a big deal about the whole thing, and creating more havoc than necessary.

They make it sound like we’re pirates who pulled up along side their school and raped and pillaged their happy little school. They’ve surrounded our school with chain link fence, so we can’t get to their school. It’s like a concentration camp more than a school.

We’re also with out internet connections. That makes for an even slower day. I’m not sure when they’ll be up. I’ve heard two weeks at max. With out inept tech support, that means March. I’m going to try and start posting from home… but our connection is so slow, that it takes more time.

Overall I do know this.

I have a nicer room.
The strife between our staff and theirs, and my class and the co-inhabitants will provide far more interesting adventures to write about.

Please stat seated, we may experience some turbulence ahead.

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