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Year 2 Day 65- He’s in the back….

by admin on November 18th, 2004

So… my home school kid, as I mentioned, isn’t the brightest bulb in the lamp. I just want to give you an idea of what I deal with on a daily basis.

To help him with his comprehension, sometimes I read the passage from the book, and allow him to answer the questions. This is to keep his focus on the actual question, and listening for the answer, instead of trying to read, and find the information… he needs one task at a time. Usually the questions are fill in the blanks style. So the question might be…

The Tigris and Euphrates rivers empty into the ________ Gulf.

I’ll read the appropriate section in the book, and when he hears the answer, he’s supposed to let me know. A typical scene plays out like this.

iThe question is The Tigris and Euphrates rivers empty into the _______ gulf.
Ok… Listen to the reading. The two main rivers are the Tigris, and Euphrates which empty into the Persian Gulf… i

iAtlas Mountains.i

iNo. The two main rivers are the Tigris, and Euphrates which empty into the Persian Gulf… i


iThey empty into the river gulf?i

iNo… OH, it’s, sometimes.


“No, Iraq?i

iThe two main rivers are the Tigris, and Euphrates which empty into the Persian Gulf.i




iLISTEN TO THE WORDS COMING OUT OF MY MOUTH. . The two main rivers are the Tigris, and Euphrates which empty into the Persian Gulfi

iDesert region.i


Eventually he gets it. I wish I were making it up. It’s like this for almost every question. Sometimes, as he’s spouting off every word in the passage looking for the right one, I just sit there and say nothing, with a blank expression on my face. He knows I’m fed up with his behavior. I basically give him the iplease stop being such a dumb assi face until he gets the right answer.

He seriously, just sits there throwing out random words he sees, HOPING it’s the right one. I really want to say. iIf you open your mouth again without the right word coming out, I’m sticking my fist in it. We’re not playing flippin’ password, stop being an a**hole.i

I can say this about him, he does more work for me than I bet he has for anyone else in the past 10 years. My 4 year old is better at comprehending what is read to him than this kid, no lie.

The thing that really gets me about this whole thing, are the random characters who are there when I get there. There’s always this one guy who reminds me of Beavis, running around doing who knows what it usually appears he’s eating, watching a DVD, smoking a cig’, or making instant coffee. I think, sometimes, he’s the mom’s boyfriend, then other times, I think he might be a cousin, or an uncle… then sometimes I think he might be both relative and boyfriend.

There are times when mom will leave, and say… iI’m takin’ off, but his dad’s in the back yard… if ye’ need anything.i

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen dad. I saw one guy who may have been dad, but he was a low talker, and I’m still not sure what he even said. If there IS a dad living “near” the house, this creates weird drama. Is mom even imomi, or is it a guardian? The kid and her have different last names. If she’s only a guardian, then why isn’t he living with dad, who may be living in the backyard. If it’s “mom” why aren’t mom and dad living together? Are they divorced? I believe in supporting your kids at any cost, but would you live in mom/ex-wife’s backyard to be closer to your kid? Would your ex-wife let you?

Then there’s grandma who does laundry over at the house, but doesn’t wash her foo-foo things. She’s always nice, even if a bit revealing of her washing habits.

There is this other lady, I’ve seen, and I can tell you she spent an entire hour looking for her car keys yesterday. I’m not sure who she is, but she was hanging out with Beavis, and Beavis bummed $5 off of her for someone else, claiming, iIt ain’t for me… .it’s for them boys, y’know I don’t bum no money off of you… .I don’t even bum money off gramma.i


The boys he was referring to were right outside the door 3 steps away, why they didn’t ask for the $5 themselves is a mystery.

All these random character disappear for extended periods of time in the master bedroom. The door is closed, and locked. I don’t smell anything resembling drugs when someone comes out, so I’m not sure what goes down. I keep waiting for that show eCheaters’ to come barging through the door with a camera crew. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if something like that happened.

The situation isn’t such that I feel it warrants any kind of report to be filed. Mom/Guardian seems concerned with student, and is always pleasant when I speak with her. I just wish I knew more about the whole living situation going on there, as I find it like reading a mystery book. I always look forward to the next piece of information that will be presented to me.

As they say, all in due in time…

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  1. Just for kicks, someday you show show up at that place dressed as a police officer.

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