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Year 2 Day 62-On dasher, On Blitzen, On Donder, and Rudoplh, and stuff.

by admin on November 15th, 2004

Friday’s in service was awful. I had higher expectations. Really, I did. I wanted to like it, I went in trying to remain positive. I sat in the front, to secure my attention would be where it was required. I even tried to refocus my positive-ness during those first moments where my instincts told me it would be another waste of time. Nothing helped.

By noon, all positive energy had been sucked from my body. I was a useless shell.

They had coffee available, but they gave us tea cups to drink out of. The coffee in the cup was gone by the time you got back to your seat. It was a constant refilling process.

The subject du’ jour was Differentiated instruction.

Basically, differentiated instruction is providing students with materials, and methods built towards their individual strengths and needs. Higher level kids get more challenging materials, lower level kids, get materials covering the same concept, only at a level they can comprehend. It’s giving the smart kids The Federalist Papers, and slow kids the, I love Thomas Jefferson coloring book.

The problem with this instruction is, that even smart kids want to be done quickly. Every kid knows that being done early, as opposed to working harder sucks. You don’t really develop a love for knowledge until college, when you pay for school. What you’d have is a bunch of smart kids thinking. ihey I can pretend to be stupid, and get a coloring book to read… HELL YEAH!i

The presentation went over different learning styles, personality types, etc, etc. It was all material we’d learned in college, for me, over 10 years earlier. The guy was presenting in like it was Earth shattering information, just off the presses. He told us to take notes on what he talked about, except everything he said, was on his power point presentation, which had been copied and given to us. So that would have been redundant.

Somehow, I managed to make it thorough the day. I was lucky I had entertaining people at my table, so snide comments, and jokes, helped pass time. The presenter even managed to plug his book for us during the presentation. He went over his 3:00 ending time by about 10 minutes. I told a fellow teacher.

“This guy just talked through his entire sympathy applause time.”

It was a useless day. Unless you were the presenter, whom I’m sure got paid a ton of money to read a bunch of slides off a power point presentation.

We had a meeting today, it’s customary for Mondays. Today’s was boring. We debated over what day to have the Christmas party. I really don’t care. Someone is getting stuck with my gift, which isn’t available to show off yet. I have a list of candidates I HOPE get the gift, but we’ll have to see. When it comes to the drawing for order of gift selection, I hope I get the last number. I know my gift will be the last one left, then I can steal a gift from whomever I see as most deserving of my gift. I want our 75 year old teacher to get it. My goal is to offend someone into retirement.

I’m not going to spoil the gift surprise until it’s been made. Then I’ll put pictures of it up. I couldn’t do it justice in words.

Ready, SET, NO!

Awhile back I mentioned that a lady wanted me to paint sets for their Christmas musical. I told her I wouldn’t do it unless I had the right amount of kids who were interested enough to do it. I didn’t, so I wasn’t going to do it. Every story I’d heard was that the kids did maybe 10% of the work, and the teachers ended up slaving away all day, and after school in order to finish it. I was NOT going to be a part of that. This other lady who teaches a period of art here took on the task, without thinking, or asking me. She then came to me with it, like we were BOTH going to do it. I had to break it to her that I wasn’t going to.

iOh that project, yea, I told that lady no, because it was too much work in too little time, and I had no student interest.i

“So you’re not going to help?”


I had a student who did the red-ribbon week paintings, which was a similarly daunting task that she took on, tell me that she didn’t give him any extra credit for spending tons of hours, and time painting. She also gave him a B-. I think his comment was,

iF**K that b*tch. I ain’t doing anything else for her, I spent tons of time painting those cut-outs, when nobody else would, they made me paint them, and all I got was a B-, and didn’t get any other credits.i

The teacher has ae of the staff working on them right now. I don’t know HOW she got them roped into doing it, but they are. I thought about helping, but only so I could paint something subliminal on one of the pieces.

It’s not even a traditional CHRIST-mas program. There is no baby Jesus. No Mary. No Joseph. No 3 Wise men. It’s rootie-toot-toot and rumpa-pum-pum-horsecrap. If it were a decent program I might consider it. I’m not wasting my time painting 34 wooden soldiers, a sleigh, and some geeked up reindeer.

I offered this though.

iCan I make the reindeer anatomically correct?i


iThen I’m out.i

iReindeers have privates y’know. Leaving them out doesn’t mean they don’t exist.i

iIt’s a children’s play.i

iKids are smart, they’ll know the reindeers are missing something.i


iNo, they will… or someday, they’ll see a reindeer’s parts, and be shocked, because the Chirstmas pagent community has refused to acknowledge that Santa’s Male reindeer are always missing their manhood. I won’t make them obscene.i


I tried.

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