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Year 2 Day 50-little shop of horrible

by admin on October 29th, 2004

I think the day before Halloween weekend should be a holiday for all schools above grade 6. Nothing is going to get done today. Nothing. Kids are wearing costumes, complaining that they shouldn’t have to do anything, because it’s Halloween. Our security guard is dressed like a giant Tigger. Things aren’t going to get done today.

Someone asked me what I was supposed to be.

iAn underpaid teacher.i Was my reply.

Today was the first pay check I got where our new insurance rates took effect. I now make $25 less a month than I did last year. I still can’t think of jobs where you make LESS one year than you did before. Some companies force pay cuts on their employees for fiscal reasons, and it’s either take it or leave it. We make less because everything else goes up, but our pay. I still moved up the salary schedule. It’s just that our salary increases each year never is what the COLA is every year. The world continues to get more expensive to operate in, and our salaries continue to stagnate. My insurance went up over $150 a month, my salary only increased by $125. Gas prices are at about $2.40 a gallon. While cheap compared to European prices, it’s still an increase in my life that I’m not really excited about paying.

Due to all this financial strain, I’ve had to take on a moonlighting job as a pole dancer.

iLADIES, LADIES, LADIES, LET’S WELCOME THE CAPTAIN TO THE STAGE TONIGHT!!!! C’mon Captain, work that sucker to deathi

I’m kidding of course, but seriously, at least I’d get a raise there. (It’s a joke… wait for it… )

( good… now insert cheesy ba-dum-dum-Tssssh)

Our superintendent puts little messages in our paychecks. They’re little updates on the district, and how it’s doing overall. I love these little ‘hang in there’ messages we get. Why not be honest? Hey your salaries aren’t going up,and your pay checks are…THAT SUCKS!!! I feel terrible, I’m giong to reduce my pay 25% to show you I’m serious about getting you a raise. It’s all smoke up my hindquarters as far as I’m concerned. He even mentioned lying awake at night, iagonizingi over district decisions. I doubt he’s losing much sleep, or much pay for that matter.

We haven’t had a raise in 4 or 5 years.

One thing, in retrospect, I wonder is why we never had teachers as guest speakers in my teaching program? We were studying to BE teachers, shouldn’t we have had some speak to us. People who loved and hated the job. Our professors don’t count, they’re college teachers, you can’t really compare the two. I needed someone to tell me about this side of education. The side I’m in. I still may have chosen to get involved with education, but at least I would have known things like

1) You won’t receive raises very often, if at all.
2) You’re required to continue to go to school for professinal
development. At your own expense.
3) Budgets get cut all the time, good luck having enough supplies.
4) You might get sent to another school site, just because…
5) We’ll make you teach any subject we see necessary whether you
like it or not, or are even good at it.
6) Get good test scores… that’s really the most important part.
7) If the kids have a bad home life, there’s a 90% chance you’ll never
reach them.

The teacher programs put all these positive spins on things, and lead everyone to believe that as soon as you enter the classroom, you’re going to start changing lives for the better. They never show you the ragged teacher who’se been verbally abused 7 hours in a row, has to grade papers, then go chapparone a dance until midnight. They never show you the teacher telling kids to run around outside to see if they can find a pencil, because you’ve used your limit for the year.

These fresh new teachers run out into the classrooms expecting pie and ice-cream parites, realize they really didn’t learn anything about classroom management, and over the course of their first 2 years they realize 1-7 (I mentioned), and quit teaching. I read a statistic that said, 60% of new teachers burn out within the first 3-5 years.

Why couldn’t I have burned out?


Well we had our Halloween assembly. We have one every year, they always suck. We had the costume contest, and this year’s had an interesting twist. Let me just preface it with this.

Our vice-principal is nice guy. I generally like him. When it comes to certain things about this school, he’s just not with it. He doesn’t think about ramifications for his actions, or lack there of.

The kids in costumes all gathered on the stage, and waited for their turn to flaunt their costume. A few kids actually put some minimal effort into their costumes, and to them a niceoegood for you.’ I noticed one kid however who didn’t appear to be wearing any costume. I thought to myself; iWonder if he’s just helping out.i

The time comes for different groups of kids to go out and show off their costumes to get judged by the student body, and this kid goes up with them. My first thought is. iThis kid shouldn’t be up there. It’s saying we support people who don’t participate in the acceptable manor.i

The MC for the event, our VP would go up, ask each kid what he or she was esupposed’ to be, then make the announcement to the crowd. He went up to the non-costumed kid and asked him what he was. The kid mouthed the word iwetback… i

For any sane, rational adult, this would be a red flag. Did our VP tell the kid not to be a jackass, and go sit down? No. HE ANNOUNCED TO THE CROWD… .iHERE’S A WETBACK!!! A WETBACK!!i

I’m thinking to myself, iWOW, that was some blatantly racist sh*t right there.i
The kid of course loved it, because 75% of them are racist punks anyway. I was shocked though. I was checking our Hispanic population to see if any of them looked pissed. I couldn’t’ tell.

It got worse.

He announced it at least 5 more times… iCAST YOUR VOTE… .DO YOU WANT THE WETBACK?, THE PRINCESS, THE FAIRY,… i

THEN, because of the fact the kids hooted and hollered every single time he said wetback, he gave the kid 1st place. I think he really enforced the fact we don’t tolerate racism here. The kid I had HIM punish for calling me a Jew, was probably sitting there thinking, iWow, I guess racism is OK as long as it’s towards Hispanics. I can’t call my teacher a eJew’, but I can dress up like a ewetback’ for Halloween and win an award.i

That’s the message it sent me.

I know our VP isn’t a racist man. I know that. He’s just not real bright when it comes to thinking out his actions. He doesn’t see that allowing that, or smoking on campus are setting himself up for a law suit at some point, and serious ramifications.

I can just see him on Larry King now…

Larry: “SO at what point did you think it was acceptable to shout wetback to a crowded gym full of kids?”

VP: “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmah.”

Me, I think about how uncomfortable it would be have to deal with a phone call from an angry Hispanic man or woman after their kid told them about the whole thing.

No thank you.

I kind of thought about calling him, pretending to be an angry Hispanic Parent, just to freak him out. I could make him crap his pants.

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  1. Jess permalink

    First, I’m scarred for life by the mental image of you as a stripper, thank you very much.

    Second, for some reason, I see your head on Bart Simpson’s body from an episode where he was supposed to be a stripper … only with Crochet James tucked into the speedo.

    I’ll have nightmares tonight now. I’m sure of it.

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