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Year 2 Day 47- Red Ribbon, Red Ribbon, send doobie right over.

by admin on October 26th, 2004

Well I had my review yesterday, and it was good. I’m not surprised. I had my observations in my Art classes this year, which are the classes I like teaching, and am qualified to teach, so it was no surprise that I did well.

Did my principal think, iHey he’s so good at this, we should give him more art courses.i


Instead, he told me he’d like me to have the same attitude, and performance in my economics and government classes.


There is a reason I don’t perform well in those classes. It’s called iI DON’T LIKE THEM, or WANT TO TEACH THEM.i

How would I ever do well teaching subjects I don’t like, and am not qualified to teach?

I can’t.

This is just further evidence I need to move on.


It’s red ribbon week. The school does huge decorating project in the front of the school to show that it’s a idrug freei environment. If you’ve read anything about my school, you know how off base that is. It’s really funny actually.

90% of our school smokes Tobacco AT school at some point in the day. The last time I checked Tobacco was a drug. I would say 90% of our kids drink alcohol at least once a week, and 80% smoke pot at least once a week. I’m not kidding. Then they force them to do all this drug free decorating, and wear red ribbons, because it ilooks goodi for the community. Somehow, they convince themselves the kids WANT to do it, and support it. YET, they don’t do anything to detour smoking at school in idesignatedi areas.

I want a photo of the school decorations with all the kids in the background smoking.

I don’t participate. I’ll wear my red ribbon, but that’s where I stop. These decorations are supposed to be done by the students. Yesterday there were 5 teachers painting them after school.

iHEY grab a brush!i one of them said.

iUhm, no.i

I used to do it a long time ago before I realized that I was doing 90% of the work, and getting none of the credit. The last two years, I haven’t participated in the event at all. I suggested the best thing we could have done was gotten informational speakers to discuss the ill effects of drug abuse and made the kids listen.

We’re going with the superhero decorations instead.

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