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Year 2 Day 39- Up, out this mutha

by admin on October 13th, 2004

Hola Amigos, I know it’s been a while since I rapped eatcha, but this week has been hectic. I leave tomorrow for the East Coast, on a non-business related trip. I’ve been trying all day to get my sub-teacher plans together, and the copy machine was down, PLUS until about 5 minutes ago I didn’t have a printer in my room, so it was difficult. The copy machine finally got back up and running about 15 minutes ago, thank God. I have some TA’s who will make me some copies before the day is out.

Last session, if I were to take off for 3 days (and I did.) I felt bad about it, because daily routines get thrown off, my course of instruction gets thrown off, etc. Too bad that’s only true for the first session.

I’m sick of this 6 sessions a year bullsh*t.

Once my second session started things became very clear to me.

I can’t work here.

I enjoyed the dynamics and class chemistry I had in my first session classes. That’s all gone now. I had a group of kids who were all roughly on the same project. I could do things with them as a class. These new classes are all in different spots. I have 5 projects going on at any one time. This is not how programs are built, or run effectively. I couldn’t ever have an Art program here that followed any kind of natural progression. 6 weeks is too short for a session, to get a good idea of someone’s skill level, or to train them enough to go on to a higher level.

This school tries so hard to be like the traditional high schools, in pushing the standardized test scores, direct instruction, attendance policies, teacher requirements, etc. Yet they keep a 6 session year, which is totally an alternative high school structure. Having 6 week session 100% guarantees that every class will have multiple kids scattered all over the course requirements in every class period. Trying to have a iclassi when everyone is all over the map, and your class dynamic gets busted up every 6 weeks is impossible. I hate it. It’s one of the main reasons I want to leave here. I’m sending out two more resumes this week.

There is a good reason traditional high schools have the same classes run all year long. Students get to keep the continuity of the class going without a sizeable break, other than summer. It makes it easier to go from one level to the next, like from Spanish I to Spanish II. If you take breaks too often it affects the subject retention with kids going to the next level. My school sucks.

Just add it to my ever growing list of reasons to leave.

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