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Year 2 Day 24- Back in the Saddle

by admin on September 23rd, 2004

I was gone three days, and nothing happened while I was gone. The kids were relieved I was back, but I heard nothing from the sub. There was no note, nothing. It was almost like there WAS no sub. His name wasn’t even written on the board.

There was a school field trip today to the college. 40 kids went. I’m not sure why they went. I guess they wanted to let them know it was available. Maybe the food service center was having a job fair or something. I just know my classes were EMPTY today. It was kind of nice.

We have this teacher who came out of retirement to teach some more. She’s fairly old. For a long time she was a special ed resource teacher. This meant she was responsible for about 3 kids a day. Most of the time she didn’t do anything. She’d sit and wait for a kid to get sent to her. She had the idea that if the kid didn’t come to her with a specific problem, that he or she were doing fine. Her contract said otherwise. The following year our principal made her have a class each period with 5 or 6 special resource kids in each class. This upset her, because she was no longer being allowed to collect free money each month in the form of a paycheck, so she filed a grievance. Shortly there after she was put into a special position where she was the home school teacher for all the special education kids out on medical leave. This new job allowed her to continue to get paid for doing next to nothing. Finally, someone realized it, and forced her to take the 9th grade geography gig at the high school. She wasn’t too happy about this. Going from one special ed student a day, to 30 freshmen, was way too much for her, so she filed another grievance. The chair person for the board told her that because she had the credential appropriate for the job, there was nothing to grieve about, she had to take the job.

She re-retired on the spot.

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