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Year 2 Day 18- Froggy Fairways

by admin on September 15th, 2004

Today started off badly.

I was on my way in to work when another teacher hollered at me from her car.

iHey, what kind of doughnut do you want?i, she yelled.

I ordered up a couple chocolate bars, and went to my room, eagerly awaiting the fried dough goodness that was en route.

It never came.

Apparently, our local Doughnut shop closed up. I was really looking forward to a doughnut too. I hadn’t been able to stop for anything to fill me up that morning, because I had to get to work by 8, so it was a pleasant shock to the system to find out someone was making a doughnut run.

Then my world was brought down.

In my Economics class some of the kids are working on designing their own businesses. They’re responsible for finding out the permits, operating costs, supplies, etc. The assignment teaches them the complexity of opening, and operating a business today. Hopefully, they’ll also learn the importance of furthering their education in making a business, as well as maybe appreciate other people’s businesses more, knowing what goes into establishing one. I have a student who is making a golf course. I’ll just say he’s having trouble deciding on a name for it.

We spent 2 entire periods today debating names.

iSo I’m thinking about calling it Froggy Fairways.i

iNo, that’s so stupid, you’d never do any business.i

iWell… i

iSeriously that might be the dumbest name for an 18-hole golf course I’ve ever heard.i

iPeople would play Froggy Fairways.i

iNot for the green fees you’d have to charge to operate that course.i

iWell… what should I call it then?… not one of those whispering oaks places, or beautiful pines…or whateveri

iThose at least sound like there is a potential for nice scenery, and an enjoyable golf game. Froggy Fairways makes me think of clowns and mini golf.i

iYeah… well what about Evergreen Oaks?i

Me Laughing: iThat’s a start, except that Oaks aren’t evergreen.i

iSo… i

iSo you’d look like a dumbass.i

iWell then what should I use..i

iTry your last name and Pines… i


iSounds more official… you’re trying to MAKE money… not drive it away in laughter.i

iHow about hole in one?i

iHow about stupid name.i

iWhat’s wrong with it?i

iIt sounds like a golf supply shop, not an 18-hole course.i


KID 2: iHey whaddabout Stick it in the hole?i


iNO.NO. NO. NO. NO.i

iYou’re boring.i

iYes, Yes I am.i

iFroggy Fairways, The only place where you can drive drunk… i He says to himself.


Tomorrow we should have round two. I printed him a list of about 500 country club names, to help his brain work. I hope he comes up with a new name.

I had another parent meeting at my son’s preschool last night. There aren’t a lot of parents with a sense of humor there. A parent was expressing concern over her daughter, who likes to wander, and has previously wandered out the front door of the school. She was trying to get locks placed on the doors, or infant handles, to prevent this from happening again. The teacher informed her that it was against code to lock any doors while kids were in the building. The parent asked if we had any ideas on how to deal with this.

iPut bells on the door.i Said one parent.

iPut bells on her shoes!i Said another.

iThey have those dog collars… zzzzzzzzzzzt.i I said

The gasps and sounds of shock and horror were very apparent. Aside from the only other male there, and the people from last year, nobody knew I was joking.

iI was just throwin’ it out there… it IS an option.i I said.

I guess I was the only one who found it amusing.

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  1. Jess permalink

    People without a sense of humor suck.

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