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year 2 day 10- hey, what’s that smell.

by admin on September 1st, 2004

(reponse to a reporter wearing a particular cologne called sexual panther.)

“Man: It smells like a diaper wrapped in burnt hair!!

-From the movie Anchorman

Today was uneventful, per usual. I did have to deal with a stinky kid today. A sad part of my job is witnessing the kids who are for whatever reason unable to bathe, or keep clean. We have a few estinky’ kids here. One in particular is stinky beyond normal acceptance. For the most part I endure. I’m not in the business of embarrassing him. I’ve been pretty good about just ignoring the stench, or opening a window, or six. Today he smelled foul. It smelled like someone had a strong disagreement with some rotten broccoli. I however, endured. Kids were running about screaming about the stench. The thing that fascinates me is, for the most part kids are ruthless to one another. They have no problems pointing our faults in everyone. For some reason they never tell the stink-a-saurus, how badly he smells. It’s almost like they don’t even know it’s him. They have to know, right? I mean all the faculty knows. I keep waiting for some kid to go, iDUDE YOU SMELL!!!i and hopefully shame the poor kid into taking a bath. The administration, and school nurse have dealt with this issue numerous times. They’ve made him bathe, bought him new clothes, found him places to shower, etc. For some reason it never improves. I suggested maybe he was rotting, because I don’t understand it. You would think someone would care, or have enough pride to remedy the situation.

So anyway, I’m going to try and finish eating… .despite the foul odor that lingers in my nostril.

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