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Daily School Journal Day 178

by admin on June 3rd, 2004

We had graduation, and I attended. iThat kidi was there, and I just ignored him. He went and got his idipiloma and I just sat there, and pretended he wasn’t there.

Our valedictorian mentioned me in her speech. She said she thought I was mean, and used to despise me because I made her actually turn in work. She said she ended up respecting me, and appreciating me for making her work hard. It was nice, flattering, and made going to graduation worth it. Had I sat home boycotting ithat kidi, I’d have missed it. The difference between me, and a lot of educators is that for most educators they’d say something like that makes the whole year worth it. For me, I like getting compliments, and I appreciate it a lot, but it doesn’t take the sting out of all the crap that goes on in a year.

Sober Graduation party was decent. I kind of really wanted to go strictly so I could make ithat kidi take a sobriety test when he showed up, I waited all night to do it, and he never showed. I just sat around and ate free food for hours on end. You can never argue with free food.

We have three days of school left, grades are IN, and yet kids still show up. I have no idea what they want from me. I’m not leaving my desk for anything. I’m not accepting any work, or handing out any.

I don’t get it. If there was nothing for me to do I wouldn’t be here, heck, there ISN’T anything for me to do. I’m only here because I have to, and I hate to waste sick days on days where we’re not doing anything anyway.

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