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Daily School Journal Day 176- Always, The Captain

by admin on June 1st, 2004

I was grading some last minute reports from my film class. I love the excuses people have. Verbal excuses are funny, but when people take the time to write it down, in letter form… that’s priceless.

It’s even better when they write one for everyday they didn’t work, and turn them all in at once.

Here they are. (The movie was The Right Stuff)

iSorry I didn’t really understand the movie it wasn’t very exciting or adventures. Please pick a better movie next time.


K,C,K,L, & Ji

(Always? Like we share a special bond or something. That cracked me up the most.)

iI watched this movie last term and it was gay then and same now. You should ask us what movies are good and maybe then we would work

*Heart* L,K,K,C,and Ji

(A heart, WTF? Like we have this special relationship, where they feel obliged to let me know they still love me even though they hate my movie selection)

iI was not here so I realy did not wach it, it looked gay and did not realy get my attention pick a better movie and stop bringin gay movies.i

(Apparantly these kids are experts at understanding homosexual film, they were able to gather some information out of the movie, I was not.)

iI really did try & watch the movie, but I couldent get ino ti, it was very confusing and boring, it couldn’t keep my attention all I know is they went and found a bunch of guys to go to space to see if they can make something go very fast without making any noise.i

(uhm, Ok…)

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  1. Eduardo permalink

    If someone held a contest for “America’s Most Unrewarding Job”, I think it’d be a toss-up between you and the guys who clean out those movie booths in porno shops.

    You should pick up an application at Starbucks on your way home.

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