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Daily School Journal Day 175

by admin on May 31st, 2004

Today is Memorial Day. It’s kind of sad when I’m more thankful to be home from work, than of those who lost their lives in combat. I guess it just shows how distanced we are from war when we’re not directly involved. I can relate in some ways to soldiers though, I know what it’s like to fight a losing battle.
I’ve done it everyday for four years. Of all the kids who have passed through my class in four years, I’ve seen one who has done ok. He works at a bank, and I actually don’t feel like he’s going to steal any money. One out of five-hundred, not very good results.

Tomorrow is graduation we’ll have thirty-one graduates, thirty who deserve to be there, and one who deserves to be beaten.
It’s the one who doesn’t deserve to be there I’m concerned about. I still haven’t figured out how I am going to react to him getting a diploma. I have decided to attend the ceremony, which was a big first step. I did it because it’s not right one kid should ruin my chance to congratulate the other kids who deserve it. My thoughts vary. I think about giving the kid the finger when he goes to get his diploma so only he can see it. I have thought about pulling him aside and letting him now exactly how I feel about his diploma. I considered writing a memo and handing it out to everyone in the gym, letting them now how ridiculous the situation is. Lastly, I considered shaking his hand and telling him congratulations. That would be taking a high road, I’m not sure I could take. We’ll see how it all plays out tomorrow. I’m still recovering from a cold, and if I feel sick tomorrow, all bets are off. I’m a real bastard when I don’t feel well.

I actually can’t believe the year is almost over. I mean I knew I’d survive; I had no other real options. I have no job leads that sound promising, and it looks like I very well might be back in the same spot next year. When you have bills to pay and mouths to feed, you do what you have to. This summer I’ll try and finish the last two video courses I have to take, which very well may kill me. I’ll take the units, and hopefully move over on the salary schedule. Next year I’ll take the steps to become ihighly qualifiedi to teach Economics, and Government. I’ll finish those, and still be just as highly unqualified as I am now. The vicious cycle will continue. I of course will document it, look for change, and improvement in me, and in my situation. Hopefully some things will change and next year will be a lot better.

The bad thing about teachers is we have very short memories, as bad as one year is, we always forget by the beginning of the next, and start off ready to try hard again… it’s just depends on what happens in between that makes us remember.

Hopefully everyone had a restful weekend, and we all go back to work Tuesday with a little more pep in our collective steps. It’s easier for me knowing I only have 5 days left.

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  1. Paco permalink

    Yeah, the Captain only has 5 more days at sea for this tour of duty!

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