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Daily School Journal Day 173- When it rains, it pours

by admin on May 28th, 2004

Response (Carol) – 05/28/2004 07:54 AM
Dear Captain,

I will send you 4 747’s free of charge, we do not need the old ones sent back to us. You should receive the new staplers in 10-15 business days. They have a lifetime warranty. In the future just let us know if you have a problem with them and we can replace them for you.

This is all nice, but I really don’t need 4 staplers…I needed one, one good one. I was hoping for a good high end model, with some stability. I wanted something I could pound on walls with, and not get jammed up. Oh well, I guess I shouldn’t complain.

This is the part of the year where we only have 3 kids who are working. These are the kids trying to graduate, who are very close. Every other kid has realized he/she is NOT going to make it in 6 days, and has given up for the year. The good part about this is, we really don’t have to do any instruction (not that we did a lot before) We just sit and watch movies for 6 days. I guess this is also good, because I won’t have a stapler for them to staple their work with for another 9 business days.

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  1. Eduardo permalink

    You should have asked for a red Swingline. Then you could sit at your desk all day, mumbling about burning the building down.

  2. Pat permalink

    I’ve just been researching blogs so I understand how they work (never read one before today) to incorporate one (fictitious)into an essay I’m about to write for a contest. After checking into several, listed on some blog directory, which sound like they’re written by your own illiterate disaffected students, as well as a few very good ones, I happened on yours. Very Very intriguing. Well- written. Definitely not Up the Down Staircase, Good-bye Mr. Chips, or even To Sir With Love. I can’t imagine how frustrated you are. Actually yes I can because you express it so well! Scary to think of your kids to the 20th power across the USA being let loose to make up a portion of the next generation “adults.” I’ve had them in my classes, as a sub but not one of “those subs” even whole classes full in a “normal” high school. Anyway,hope you have a good summer. Hope a good art position opens for you somewhere else. Don’t give up. something will come. Anyway, you need to gather up your log, go to a writer’s conference and pitch ’em to a publisher! (Writers’ conferences are how most publishers discover their material these days.) Engrossing!
    sincerely, Pat VA

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