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Daily School Journal Day 163- Can I quote you on that.

by admin on May 17th, 2004

It’s That time of year again. It’s time for meaningful quotes from student papers.

The movie is Master and Commander.

iThe official lookout thought he seen a sail.i

iIn the movie I didn’t really get anyobodys name. But there was a little boy named will. I don’t know why but he got his arm cut off. They were cutting his arm off with a saw. It was pretty narly.i (Wow, this might be the best opening paragraph ever.)

iAnother part in the movie they were battling. They were shooting off cannons and the ship was rocking back and forth almost going overboard.i (I think we can all conclude, that when the ship itself goes overboard, you’re in serious trouble.)

iThe people on the ship thought they saw battleships so they started shooting at each other then the battle was over.i (Oh how simple war is..)

iIt shows all the characters as pretty couraigous. The captain tells orders and knows what he is doing.i (Well, isn’t that why he’s the captain?)

iA kid got shot in the arm and had to have it amputated. Even the kids were important, they all knew what they were doing.i (You have to be important to have your arm cut off, only VIP’s can do that. It’s better that you know what you’re doing as well, because if you didn’t, you might not get shot in the arm.)

iThe name of the movie was Master and Commander. It was about a bunch of guys on a ship.i (I’m glad he reminded me, I had forgotten what movie I rented.)

iThey were always fighting and exploring islands. Not really like pirates, but more like Colombas.i (Who is this Colombas… .and what did he do?)

iaxidentlyi (hahaha)

iThey went to the Clopicas Islandsi (I hear it’s nice there… very sunny)

iHe collected birds and then dissected them to learn more about him.i (It’s really special when cutting open a bird helps you find out more about yourself.)

iThey were headed for the Colapus Gardens.i (OOOh isn’t that one of the wonders of the world)

iOn April 1805 they salled the great blue waters of the ocean. The people on the ship saleing it had chickens, a cow, or two, and a few goats. They used them for there eggs, milk and there meat, also for there fur.i (Hey captain, are those Chicken fur boots you’re wearing?)

iJack the captain was looking out over the see if there were any boats out there with a tesoscope.i

iMaster and Commander is a great story of courage, authority, and action. Friendship hangs in the balance, as war is affront.i (I’m speechless… )

eiIn the end the captain does find out about the cheat and intercepts the Akron. As you can see Master and Commander is a great film, filled with action and excitement. But don’t take it from me, see it yourselfi (I’d have to… )

iI really didn’t and don’t get why people start battling. Its like when someone sees a ship they’ll start shooting and bombing at them.i (Yeah, war is funny that way… but when you DIDN’T AND DON’T get something, it’s really a struggle)

iIn the beginning of the movie they introduced everyone on the ship..i (AT CAPTAIN… .6’3 PLAYED BY Russell Crowe… .CAPTAIN JACK… ..AT FIRST MATE… A 6′ 4i Actor… ..)

iEarlyer in the movie, around the middle… i (?)

iIt was a okey movie in the end but I couldn’t really get into it though. The end was the best part of the movie.i

iThe movie is located on water most of the time… i (Ships have a lot of trouble land sailing..)

iThe captain of the English ship was name captain… because that’s all I heard his men call him..i (Man, it’d suck if they called him A**hole)

iThe commander started rowling up his men to fight… i (Did he smoke them afterwards?)

Wow. After all of that, my head hurts too bad to read the next batch of iessays.i I’ll press on though. Maybe when I’m done I can get a trip to the Clopicas Islands. I think I’ve earned that at least.

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  1. Maz permalink

    How in God’s name do your students make it to work everyday?

  2. Esperanza permalink

    I honestly don’t know whether to laugh or cry. So, I’ll laugh until I cry.

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