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Daily School Journal Day 132- If I were princiapl for a day….

by admin on March 25th, 2004

Principal for a day is a program where they get some community leader to show up at your school and act as a principal for a day.

It’s a total joke. Is this person going to discipline my kids? They basically wander a round all day and pretend to be interested, really they’re thankful that they’re out of their jobs for a day, paid.
She came into my classroom. It was silent, people were working on assignments that they needed to be working on.

It would have been great had she not asked me any questions.

iSo what are they learning about in Economics?i

Sh*t! what ARE they learning about this week? I mean I knew, I had written it on the board. I wasn’t expecting the question… so I had to fumble around for a paper and say

“UHM, they’re learning about spending money.”

All I needed was the family fued gang next to me clapping and screaming “good answer, good answer” Then I would have felt about as dumb as I possibly could have.

Had she come in tomorrow… .I would have been conducting a lecture like quiz on the work, and looked very knowledgeable. INSTEAD, I was sitting looking at my computer like a MORON!

We need little pagers people can buzz, for when someone is coming into our rooms. Maybe then we could be up… cleaning tables or pretending to do something.

I should have told her the truth.

iSo what are they learning about in Economics?i

iHow to smoke a full green sack out of the volcanoi

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