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Daily School Journal Day 131- The Volcano

by admin on March 24th, 2004

I have kids currently discussing a marijuana smoking device called iTHE VOLCANOi

I can’t comment on how it works, because I couldn’t understand it. The conversation that led up to its discussion went about as follows.

iDude this one I had was like you didn’t even need to suck out of it or anything, just get your mouth near that sh*t and WABOOOOOOOOSH, hella highi
iYeah dude totally, I love bongs like that, just totally get you bomb ass high… not much effort.i
iWe could smoke a whole green sack in that thing.i
iI had this one called ethe volcano.’ It was baaaaaadi
“uh-huh” (why wasn’t he totally overwhelmed with that information? The fact that he was totally unimpressed that there was a bong called the volcano, makes me wonder. WHAT does it take to impress these kids?)

They went on to discuss various forms of egreen-bud’ and it’s various shapes, sizes, and compression ratios.

My kids are eawesome’ They couldn’t tell you how a bill becomes a law, but they could sure tell you how to load a bong called the volcano…

Can you say eDo you want fries with that?i

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  1. Eduardo permalink

    I seriously doubt that any of these kids are qualified to work in fast food.

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