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Daily School Journal Day 125- MARCH MADNESS

by admin on March 16th, 2004


The day revolved around eating doughnuts and pastries, drinking coffee and soda, and discussing some pressing issues.

1) We discussed the accreditation team that will be visiting us in 2 years. We apparently need to prepare early for this. It’s a lot of work, and it took about 2 hours to discuss our iplani for the future. It’s the same sort of team I will be going on in April. Some people will come to this school and check us out, make sure we do what we say we do here. Should be fun.
2) There is going to be a new basketball league forming, made up of continuation schools. I guess our school is going to have a team. I’m going to coach it. I think it might be one of the few areas where I can really have some sort of positive effect on these kids. The league itself kind of scares me, knowing the clientele we cater to here.

If there aren’t strict referee’s fights WILL happen. These kids do not back down from anything, and if they’re pushed into something competitive, like basketball, it could get very ugly.

I’m not really sure how these kids are going to take to having to follow rules, and play defense.

Talent isn’t a factor; we have some pretty decent basketball players for once. The hardest thing will be getting them to all play as a team, and be coached. The really cool part is, games are during school hours, so I’ll get out of school to go coach.

3) We spent a lot of the time going over safety plans. What does our school do in case of emergency? We needed to go over all these emergency procedures. We had sub-groups who met to discuss certain items. Who do we call first, where do kids go, what if parents need to come pick them up, etc. The day went smoothly until someone talked about how to discuss things, if they were really bad. Example; If someone died in a room, how would we notify staff, without using the radio’s? We decided to use note pads, to pass notes. Someone made the comment iWe’ve got a bloater in room 10.i I added iand a stinkeri and a few of us had a hard time from not laughing for the next hour, as the joke surfaced over and over again.

Overall the day seemed like it lasted forever, and nothing much of substance was accomplished. I guess the district feels we need to have these days where we just hang out as a staff, and try to feel better about ourselves.


I have taken a new approach to my kids. If they don’t work, I kick them out. They have to leave and sit outside. The result has been favorable thus far. I have had 2 days of silent working. It’s very nice. A little scary, but nice none the less.

I tried to go about my first day of Trivia with the kids. It didn’t work. None of the kids could answer one of the questions. I basically gave them the ultimatum of to learn the stuff for trivia, or take tests on the subject. I hope they chose the trivia.


So far all is quiet. I kicked two kids out to waste oxygen elsewhere. I had to tell two kids to stop playing ‘magic the gathering’. iTHIS IS NOT Jr. HIGH SCHOOL! YOU CAN NOT PLAY GOOFY CARD GAMES HERE!i

We’re having High School Exit exams all day, so class sizes are reduced by about 50%. AWESOME!

Thursday March Madness begins, and basketball will be on my television ALL DAY long. It’s the only time of the year where we watch TV all day instead of work. I love it.

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