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Daily School Journal Day 118- put that in your pipe and smoke it

by admin on March 5th, 2004

I had an interesting conversation with a young lady yesterday. She was trying to make a case that it was the school, and Probation dept’s fault for kids drinking. Her case was, because the probation dept. and school drug test kids for marijuana, kids just drink instead of smoking pot. There would be no problems if marijuana was made legal, and they didn’t hound the kids for doing it. My first question was; Is your probation officer buying you alcohol? I followed this with; Is he holding you at gunpoint and making you drink? She was certain that there would be fewer drunken driving accidents if kids could just smoke pot, because iyou don’t see a lot of people who smoke pot out in car wrecks.i I informed her that the reason there weren’t as many accidents by people on marijuana was because it was ILLEGAL, and people were too busy staying home hiding to go out and drive. If pot were legal there would be more people out driving around who were high. She said, iwell it’s legal in Amsterdam, and they don’t have problems.i I asked her iHave you ever BEEN to Amsterdam? Do you KNOW their statistics on pot related accidents? Did you know that about 60% of the people there who smoke pot are tourists, who don’t HAVE a car? They take public transportation everywhere.i I also informed her that Amsterdam is the type of city where the local people who were doing that type of drug would take public transit home, walk, or ride a bike. Of course the first question she asked is iHave you been to Amsterdam?i When I tell them yes, they always ask me if I smoked pot or not. What I just said had zero effect on her.

I have a new update on that kid. Whenever I refer to that kid, it’s always referring to the one who basically dodged all kinds of work, and still got his diploma. The one who lost the work I gave him, tried to come in and tell me it was too hard. I figured they’d give him his diploma, and wash their hands of ever having known him. NO they’re planning on letting him walk the stage in cap and gown. I am not going to participate in graduation, or sober grad if he’s there. I mentioned it in the faculty room today, and a fellow teacher asked the principal if he was really planning on letting him walk. The answer was basically, if he the kid wants to, he’ll be allowed. Our “leader” than made the comment; iwe’re about inclusion here, not exclusion.i It’s such a joke. I’m sort of looking forward to our next faculty meeting so I can tell everyone I’m not participating in graduation if he is. The kids’ a cheater, a liar, and plagiarizes work. He whines and procrastinates for about ae of a year. He never finished any of his required work. Our vice principal gave him some work to do. He didn’t do it. 6 months later he came back and was given another chance to basically laugh in our face, with easier work. I can’t believe it.

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