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Daily School Journal Day 112- Losing the urge to cook

by admin on February 26th, 2004

Our meeting yesterday was worth the drive. We went to discover more information on the ino child left behindi law. The law requires every teacher become ihighly qualifiedi by 2006. It turns out it’s not as hard as it seems to become ihighly qualified.i I was in sort of a state of panic for a while. I figured it would be damn near impossible for me to become highly qualified to teach the variety of subject I currently have. The way you become highly qualified is by anyone of the following.

1) Have a degree in the subject you teach- I don’t
2) Take a required number of units in the subject you teach between 18-32 (depending on when you graduate from college) nI don’t
3) Take a state test on the subject you teach and pass it. n Haven’t done it
4) Go through the HOUSSE process, which is a check list where you are awarded points based on certain things, like years teaching the subject, units you’ve taken, in services you’ve done, leadership roles (like department chair) portfolio submission. This is the way I have to go.

I can get my 100 points easy if they allow me to claim I am the Department chair for Economics and Government. I am by default, because we don’t have one. If they allow me to claim I am, and support it in writing, I have my 100 points easy, and am highly qualified. It’ll all depend on how hard our principal wants to make it on us. If he won’t let me be department chair, then I’ll have to do the portfolio, which isn’t too hard, it’ll just require some extra work. I would just go to my friend’s at the other high school, steal 5 of their lesson plans, and turn those in. So overall it’s really a bunch of stupid hoops set up by the federal government to make the public think all their children’s teachers are ihighly qualified.i This will all pass, and the same amount of teachers will be just as highly unqualified as they were before. What a joke.

This high point was the free snapple provided all day long.

We have a student talking about how her 60-year old grandpa is having a birthday, and how he istilli likes to cook his own food. iHe’s getting oldi, 60 is not that old, or at least I didn’t think so. MAN, I hope I still am able to cook my own food at 60. I think my dad will be 60 this year… I hope he doesn’t forget how to cook his own food. I mean it would have to be hard to not be able to cook for yourself before you even retire.

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