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Daily School Journal Day 110- Training, We’re Talkin’ about TRAINING

by admin on February 24th, 2004

Wow I never realized how boring training could be. It almost made me wish I had came to school. The whole thing was about as organized as a bunch of one-legged men running a triathlon. I still don’t know what I was supposed to igeti out of it. I answered a question one time, and I got the response, iI’ve been doing this scenario for 4 years and never heard that one.i I don’t know whether I did good or bad. The beginning of the meeting she said she’d let us break at 11:30 for lunch. SO at about 10:45 I went and called in my lunch. I figured she was going to give us 30 minutes for lunch, I could call in my burrito, have it skillfully prepared and ready right when I got there. No sooner did I go call my lunch in, and return to sit, and then she changed lunch on us. She decided, with the rest of the class that we’d work through lunch, and get out early. I had to inform them I already ordered lunch. SO I had to go get it, and sit and eat it in front of EVERYONE. That was not fun for me, or anyone else. On the bright side we got out at 1 O’ clock. I decided to give her no comments on her evaluation, out of kindness for having her let us go early. One thing I DID learn about this accreditation process was that I will be working on is that It will entail a lot of work. She was saying things like our group not getting done until 9pm. OK, NO. I want to be doing something by 8, not sitting and discussing this school I’ve been stuck at in meetings for 14 hours. I may have gotten myself into something not good. I guess this whole thing could wind up being a bit of a Rama Lama Ham Dam situation.

In better news, It appears Mr. Gung Ho substitute had a nice day here, and the kids haven’t destroyed him verbally yet, so that’s always good

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