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Daily School Journal Day 98 (AM) Secret Secret I’ve got a Secret

by admin on January 27th, 2004

“Hello, are you going to do secret pal?”
“NO. NO I’m NOT.”

Secret pal, I don’t want a pal who leaves me things in my cubby, and keeps their identity a mystery until the end of the year when I have to try and guess who I think it is… and have to write feel good messages on the board in the staff room to let my “pal” know I appreciate their pack of gum. I don’t want the stress of having to go to the store and find little things for my secret pal, who I may not even like, but I have to buy them candy, and lotto scratchers? I declined every time. I did it once and I had the most underappreciated secret pal ever, I never bought them anything. It was my principal too. Like I need THAT stress on top of it… .OH hey I am evaluating you this year, and by the way you’re a shitty secret pal… no thanks.

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