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Daily School Journal Day 90 (PM) We need to take care of this.

by admin on January 14th, 2004

OK I am not sure if I mentioned my story from last year where we had a kid who DID NOTHING. He is 5 credits short of graduation. He was like a gypsy he just wandered around and got lost… he did no work, made no effort to do anything, all he did was talk all the time and mope around. About 2 weeks before school let out he decided, “HEY I want to graduate this year, and tries to come get work from me. I said basically you can do the assignments I’ve already given you, but I am absolutely not giving you any EXTRA work to do. You have had plenty of opportunities to do the work, like ALL YEAR. So kept trying to get work from other teachers, turn in work that was plagiarized, or copied from other people. Basically he’d burned all his bridges. There was a rumor circulating that he was going to be allowed in the graduation ceremony, and just get his diploma at a later date. I was at the point where I was going to boycott the ceremony if he was in it. He had basically thumbed his nose at all of us here all year, then wanted to just get out. It backfired on him, he wasn’t allowed to graduate, but we put together some work for him to do over the summer, to get those credits, and maybe a diploma. He did nothing. He has shown up here about 4 times this year looking for more work. I am not giving him crap. I did last year he can do that. The Assistant principal isn’t giving him crap, he has said if you have trouble with what you have come in and get help with it. He hasn’t.

Today he came in AGAIN, with some parental figure. While I was on my prep, EATING lunch. “We need to get this taken care of,” the lady says. UHM, OK he has had enough opportunities already. She informs me that the assignments he has don’t tell him what they want from him. If it’s assignments I gave him it either says A) write an essay on the following… . and lists some stuff. Or B) Do page 345 1-10. IF you can’t figure that out you DON’T deserve a diploma. I said well show me the assignments and let me see if I can explain it to you. We didn’t bring them. EXCUSE ME? You want me to clarify something that you don’t have. It’s like going to a ball game with no ticket saying I have tickets for this game, where do I sit? I informed them that I could really do nothing for them if they had nothing for me to look at. They kept going, “we need to get this taken care of. ” NO KIDDING. The kid had no idea who even GAVE him the assignment. I kept eating, with feet propped on desk, and my best “well what the hell do you want me to do about it.” Look on my face. They finally learned basic math, and figured they’d come back tomorrow with the work that he doesn’t understand. SO I can’t wait for tomorrow. Maybe I’ll be sick, that kid needs to go somewhere else. He’s wasted my time for the last time.

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