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Daily School Journal Day 60 (am)

by admin on November 13th, 2003

The session ends tomorrow. I’m not sure whether or not I’m excited or not. Again I am at the mercy of their decisions on what classes I teach. This time it’s history, and Government, and Economics. I get to teach ceramics as well. I don’t know whether teaching an art class makes me happy or depressed. I don’t like teaching the kids who try and make everything into a bong, which is what these kids try and do 90% of the time.

That damned day off threw me into a fit, I don’t know what day it is. I thought it was Friday today, and then I realized it’s NOT. I hate that. I bought doughnuts today I made sure I put them in a bigger box so everyone would think I was bringing them to the whole staff. Everyone just eyed me all the time walking around with my Krispy Kreme box, waiting for me to put it down in the staff room, but I never did.

I’m taking Monday off of work, basically because my wife is out of town, and I’m going to hang out with my son, and take him to school, etc. Tomorrow is Friday, and that’s good. Today is quiet so far, it seems a lot of kids know it’s the last day of the session, so they don’t show up, they figure they’ve gone all session long without working, so they’re not going to finish anything in 1 day. Fine by me.

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