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Daily School Journal Day 59 (PM)

by admin on November 12th, 2003

It’s getting to that part of the year. The part where time flies really fast. I have a four-day week next week as well, and a 2-day week after that, followed by a child being born which will limit the number of days I’m here for. Then we have three 4-day weeks in January and February. So before I know it it’ll be March. That’s nice. I’m again getting sick of these kids telling their stories about weekend heroics. I beat up so and so, I drank so much of this, I smoked so much of this, or I resisted arrest this bad. It’s annoying. These kids drink enough to kill an elephant multiple times each week, and still live to talk about it at school. They resist arrest like everyday, curse out police officers, try and hit them, YET they manage to be at school the next day. AMAZING. They talk about how great they perform with members of the opposite sex, YET only about 2 of them have jobs or cars that would even possibly impress a girl of the caliber they describe. It’s ridiculous. Kids at the other High School didn’t talk about crap like this for the entire world to hear. It gets annoying. It’d be like being in a casino, and watching the guy next to you lose every hand of black jack, and have next to no chips in front of him, and talking about how much money he’s winning. I get sick of it.

There was a kid with a hat today that said. ‘I wish I were rich instead of being so damned good looking.’

The kid looks like he got in a fight with a barbed wire fence. If he meant it as a joke, then it’s pretty funny.

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