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Daily School Journal Day 58

by admin on November 12th, 2003

Today’s entry comes at a later time because our internet server was down.

Today is the day before Veterans Day, which means, that I’m at work. I don’t understand not taking the day before a mid-week holiday off. Don’t we have a snow day we could use? We never miss school because of snow, just burn it now. Couldn’t we make it a professional development day or something? I think everyone here was toying with the idea of taking the day off. I know I was. I actually saw a couple of our teachers did take the day off. Now I’m at school stuck between being happy that tomorrow is a day off, and pissed because it’s Monday. It’s a very weird situation to be in. We are however getting into that fast part of the year. We have this holiday, followed by a Thanksgiving 5 day weekend, followed by Christmas Break, and followed by Martin Luther King, and the Presidents Days. This part of the year literally flies by. The month of March is long and without holiday, April Has Easter break, and After April it’s a whirlwind until the end. All this being said, I still wish it were June.

I saw a movie over the weekend. There was a fight in the parking lot. I didn’t get to see how it started, which was sort of a bummer, but I intend to hopefully find out today. One good thing about these kids is if there is any drama over the weekend you didn’t get to witness, or get the story behind, you can usually find out on Monday. I don’t think there was one of our students directly involved, but you can bet they heard about it. The flipside of this is that every time I hear about a car wreck where teenagers are involved I assume it’s our kids.

Today one of our kids said the following.

“I want to eat a penguin. I hella want to eat one. Take a golf club out and just start wackin”em.”

Only here could that be heard. The conversation proceeded to go on for 20 minutes about killing birds in general, and getting stoned, and shooting birds off of wires.

“Everyday at 4:20 we’d smoke a fat bowl with our BB guns, and then go out and shoot birds off of a wire. It was sick”

If you’re going to get stoned, please leave the guns out of it. It’s bad when you half expect them to say they smoked a fat bowl out of their guns. So far that hasn’t happened. But 99% sure if I suggested it they’d try it.

I read in our local paper today a man complaining that schools from nicer areas don’t get as much credit for having better test scores than schools from financially struggling areas. His argument is that people just expect it from the nicer area schools. I would agree with that statement. Significant growth in test scores (which we all know how I feel about test scores) is a lot easier in a school with students who have parents who take an active role in their child’s education. Really it’s so much easier to teach kids when you know their parents are available to call if they aren’t performing well. It’s a fact, kids with parents who care, are way easier to teach then those who don’t. The guy seemed really mad that all the hard work the faculty and parents of this school district did wasn’t being acknowledged because people expected it out of them. Sorry dude, that’s the way it is. Nobody is surprised when the Yankees are in the World Series, or the Playoffs, because people expect it out of them. It’s the same principle here. When kids with no money, and horrible home lives with little support succeed, people are impressed. When someone who has good supportive parents, 3 meals a day, and no real worries succeeds, people aren’t too surprised. When I graduated from college, and got a job, not too many people were throwing me a parade. It’s kind of boring when people who you expect to succeed do so. The only way those districts are getting a lot of attention is if they fail miserably. Then people will be like, “oh man, we thought they’d do so much better.” I think the guy should just be happy his schools have a reputation where success has been a constant so long, that it’s expected. I hate to keep throwing out examples to some guy that will never read this. But he says the following,

“The schools in prosperous neighborhoods receive no more funding from the state than the very poorest school district. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Schools having a certain percentage of their student population that qualify for the lunch program or have families on public assistance qualify for extra state and federal funds that _____ and _____ don’t receive.”

I would be my house that his schools get more $$ than my school gets, or any of these poor schools. We have to pay for things like security guards. We have to use older books, deal with in many cases a lower grade of supply. He goes on to say.

“The majority of our success is attributable to the staff of our school. The quality and character of both teachers and administration is unsurpassed by any school statewide.”

Dude! Shut your mouth! Ok I take offense to that, and so should every teacher in the state. I guarantee there are teachers with more class, and character all over this state than at your school pal. I’m sure the staff there do a good job, but again I’d bet my house every teacher there isn’t a PhD. “Unsurpassed by ANY school.” Go talk to the universities, I’d bet they’d have some issues with that statement. I don’t mean to ramble about this, but he’s just so awful I have to quote more.

“We are also blessed with parents who consider education as their top priority.”

Ok and again your’ shocked why nobody is surprised or overly jubilant when you succeed. I’m going to end my rant with this guy should shut his yap, and just be happy with what he’s got.

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