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Daily School Journal Day 55 (am)

by admin on November 5th, 2003

BLAH. I’ve only heard back on one of the jobs I applied for. They said thanks, but no thanks we don’t have any openings. Well Monster.Com said you did. The other one has yet to reply, which I see as good news. If they haven’t sent me something yet, then that means maybe I’m in the consideration for at least a phone call. I always like my shot at getting any job I can actually talk with someone, I’ve never lost a job once I’ve gotten to the interview stage. I don’t know what it is, but I just don’t get nervous. I do have trouble with resumes they always look so boring, and uninspired. I also sent a letter to the Red Cross, asking for them to make me a job. What the heck does this mean you ask? Well if there isn’t a door for you to put your foot in, sometimes you have to build a window. I just made that up, but it sounds nice. I just figured they like to do a lot of outreach, and promote their program. I thought they might need someone to go to the places where they’re working in the field. Document it with pictures, etc. Bring the information back and make presentations to different schools, and organizations. To me it seemed logical. I haven’t heard back from them yet, but I suspect they’ll tell me to stuff it. Most companies aren’t too keen on people asking them to make a job for them, even if it is a good idea. I tried it with an NBA basketball team, and I got as far as the owners secretary, and I think she just humored me, by saying she’d send my wacky e-mails to people in human resources. I suspect they put them in the staff lounge, and everyone laughed at me. When you’re as desperate for a new job as me, you’ll try anything. The main problem with a new job is, most likely I’ll have to move somewhere. I wish prospective employers would just realize that I’m serious about trying to start something good. I actually I guess hope somehow someone will read this journal, and realize I’m totally misplaced here, and give me an opportunity to start something new. I must really be unhappy if I’m seriously willing to relocate to find a job I like. I have my entire family here, my lifelong friends, and a house, but I will give it up to work somewhere I feel motivated to succeed.

The jobs I applied for where recruiters for art colleges. I know the job; I’ve met people who do it. It’s a lot like teaching because you get a similar schedule. There’s some travel involved. The idea is you go to different high schools, and make presentations on behalf of the school. You show a slide school, and make the school and city sound exciting so kids will want to enroll. I know I’d be really good at it. I could hold any crowd for a presentation like that. I don’t mind a lot of driving, and travel.

For the people who read this and think I whine too much, I should just stop and be happy.
You can pretty much stick it. Imagine going to school for 6 years to do something, and not being allowed to do it. Not having any options for advancement, or any foreseeable way out. You’d be bitter too. Having tried for 2 years to do a good job and getting nowhere. Trying every year to change things to make it better, and getting right back to square 1. I just want to work, and find a place that wants me, and I want to be. I want a job that I like to go to everyday. I’m not afraid to work hard at something I like, where I feel like I matter, and what I do matters, where I see results. I used to like to teach, I liked having people come back and say thank you, or show me stuff they made in college art programs. That makes the job worth it. That hasn’t ever happened once here. The one kid I did feel like I had influence on basically told me to take a flying leap when I called him and tried to persuade him to go to college. This is our valedictorian (I use that term loosely) his own mother told me that I might be the only person he’d listen to. One of our brightest kids ever. This is what I deal with EVERYDAY. I could write a book on the frustration here. I guess I kind of am. Consider this an invitation to any school, or employer who wants to hire me. If you’re willing to let me build an art program, or let me do something I feel challenged at that requires a lot of creativity. I’ll do it. I’ll move my family to do it. The problem is not a lot of people read this, other than my friends and family, so the idea of the word getting out is pretty much a long shot. I’d work in a design firm, or advertising agency. I’d be good at it too. Not to brag, but I consider myself as creative a person as is out there. I’d match my skills with anyone and feel I’m better. It’s a cocky attitude yes, but I went to school for a long time, and worked hard to develop myself as a person with a unique view on things. All I know is someone somewhere could be really lucky, if they’re willing to take a chance.

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