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Daily School JOurnal Day 53 (PM)

by admin on November 3rd, 2003

I really don’t have much to say. The day went by. I felt like I sat around and gathered dust all day. It’s really hard to get motivated I can do it for a day, maybe two, but day after day after day after day is enough to make unemployment sound fun. If I lived in a larger community, there might be more options for me to relocate to another school, but we live in an art deprived community anyway, so it’s nearly impossible to find another Art job. I mean I don’t really know what I expect, do I think I just hope someone will call one day and be like, he we want to hire you. I look around but it’s like looking for things that don’t exist.

Well it’s meeting time. We have to invent things to meet about. Today we have someone talking about fire extinguishers, seriously. I have no idea what we’ll learn, but I’m sure it’s really important, and it warrants us wasting an hour to hear it. If it sucks too bad, I may suggest an alternate use for fire extinguishers they might not appreciate.

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