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Daily School Journal Day 52 (PM)

by admin on November 3rd, 2003

The fall harvest was sort of a joke on Friday. People said it went well. But I suspect it was them being nice. It hadn’t been done at the school in at least 4 years, so nobody quite new how much time to set aside for it, or how long each event was to last. I had to basically control everything, being as I am the student government person. The whole deal lasted about 35 minutes. Which meant we had to fill time until people could go to lunch. The events went fairly well except for most of the people who originally signed up to participate in the events decided not to come to school that day, so we had to try and add more people at the last minute. Hardly anyone wore a costume that day. I can’t complain I was in that group as well. I had to pass pumpkins out all morning long for the carving contest we had between our advisor groups. I didn’t let anyone carve my pumpkin. I asked for my group to submit ideas for the pumpkin, and the ideas all sucked so I denied them access. I carved it myself. I didn’t enter it in the contest. The one kid who did want to carve the pumpkin I didn’t trust with a sharp object, so we just didn’t enter the competition. Getting the pumpkins was not fun. It was hard to find pumpkins that hadn’t rotted, or wilted into a wrinkled mess. It took a good hour of pushing a crap wheelbarrow around a 15-acre patch of pumpkins. The lady who owns it, who was donating the pumpkins wasn’t even there. I had to sit and convince this worker it was OK for me to just have 12 pumpkins. She let me do it, but she kept looking at me like I was going to go straight to hell if I was lying to her. SO overall the event was completed and it went about how I planned. Our kids seemed to sort of enjoy it, but they were more pleased for their early lunch, and just to be out of class for anything. We have kids who donate blood strictly to get out of class.

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