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Daily School Journal Day 51 (PM)

by admin on October 30th, 2003

Well we’ve had the first fight of the year (to the best of my knowledge) it was in my class. It was PE, which tends to get the adrenaline pumping a bit anyway. We were involved in a pretty decent basketball game. One kid (we’ll call him Student A) on the other team accused a teammate (Student B) of not playing his hardest. Which was true. It’s a valid point; it’d make me mad too. The Student B got offended. And the two started the name-calling. I just continued to play. We were losing, and we needed any chance to comeback we could. So they sit and yelled at each other. We played on. I’m used to this. It happens a lot. Kids just name call, and it never gets passed that. Kids here still have this fear of fighting at school. Somewhere in what I would call the end of the arguing over mama’s, some other kid (Student C) throws a ball at the student A. This doesn’t set well with him. I mean if I were busy insulting another person, and someone else decided to try and throw something at me I wouldn’t appreciate it very much. So Student A, who’d been hit with a ball, gets a little angry, and insults student C who threw said ball. Then the verbal insult party switched participants. It was sort of like some twisted square dance. “Throw a ball at the next man’s partner, dose doe, and switch on over.” Anyway, Student A and Student C are upset at each other now, and they start calling names, and one wants to fight right there, and the other wants to fight off campus. (See it’s that fear of fighting on campus) They are having trouble deciding on a time or a place to square off. I’m sort of standing there now, because my teammates aren’t playing anymore. This fine because we’re ahead now. A teacher in the area decides she wants to try and break it up, which is stupid. I still think that if she hadn’t started to intervene the fight would have ended at insults. So she tries to say something, then the janitor comes in… and tries to take Student C away. (There were some walkie-talkie conversations in this time) As the Janitor is taking Student C out, he calls the Student A the N word. Kids here are totally racist, and that’s like their big insult. Student A doesn’t take kindly to this and comes back. SO now they are face to face. Student C pushes Student A, and Student A (the original kid with the problem) socks him in the eye, then they start the hockey skirmish. There was some choking, and some minor grappling. Student A at one point looked as if he was trying to decide whether to throw Student C in the trash can, or into the door. It was a funny moment. I’m sure I was the only one who noticed it. Finally the Janitor and a few other teachers came and broke it up. I didn’t intervene we were told last year not to break up fights, because a teacher was injured in doing so. SO I didn’t. It was pretty silly this fight.

I just stood there wand watched it. The funny ironic thing about this whole ordeal was Student C was the student who hurt the teacher, and caused the rule “don’t break up fights.” I thought that was funny, because we (the teachers) really didn’t want him back this year.

I don’t understand why kids fight, I mean I guess it’s puberty and ego, and testosterone influenced. I just never saw the point in it. I just don’t think anyone is worth me risking injury. I just don’t take what people say too personally. I mean I would fight if someone were a threat to me, or my family. Bit to fight because someone insults you is ridiculous.

What if people in office buildings fought? Man in Cubicle A calls man in Cubicle B a lazy freak for not making enough copies of the meeting, Man in Cubicle C throws a wad of paper at Man A, and the next thing you know ties are flying off, Dockers are getting scuffed. And there still aren’t enough copies.

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