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Daily School Journal Day 50/180 (PM)

by admin on October 30th, 2003

Today was just so boring. I’m losing my patience with these kids. They just make you want to grab them and smash their heads. A kid asked me if he could go and get a burrito during class. Sometimes I don’t mind if the kids want to go get burritos. We sell them in a room to raise money for Sober Graduation. If the kids working, and getting things done, I don’t mind. This particular child doesn’t do anything but talk. I told him no. HE got mad and just left; he came back with a Popsicle. I don’t get that. Logic has no place with these kids. An unwritten rule should be if it makes sense, you should expect these kids to not “get it.” The farther the year progresses the worse they get. The kids who are close to graduating buckle down, and try and get their credits completed. The kids who realize they aren’t getting things done and aren’t going to graduate just start discussing medical marijuana and who they know who has a prescription. I have 1 kid for 4 classes in a row, and he’s not getting anything done. He’s a senior. He’s close to graduating, yet he still sits here and talks about getting drunk all the time. I told him if he’s still at our school next year I was kicking his ass. He looked at me kind of funny. I hate playing basketball with these kids. I like the sport way too much to not play when asked, and I’m way too competitive to not get very angry when people screw up. It’s not their fault their athletically retarded. Plus these kids see it as an opportunity to try and cheap shot the teacher. I always get pushed, or smacked. What they fail to realize is I see it as my opportunity to cheap shot them as well.

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