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daily school Journal Day 42 (am)

by admin on October 17th, 2003

It’s trivia day, which is a “goal” I made for myself, to bring more content type of learning to the class as a whole, instead of individual projects. I wouldn’t normally do this because it’s a lot of work, and it costs me money. I’ll try it though. If it generates good results, and gets me a better review this year, then it’ll be worth it. I am not spending my own money on candy each week for kids that don’t A) enjoy it, B) try. Or C) get anything out of it. I want competition in the highest form; I want people out for blood. This is all supposed to be standards based, and it’s not. Its textbook based, which I assume is standards based. The funny thing about the “Standards” is that anyone with half a brain can take any assignment, and relate it to a standard with a little old fashion B.S. it’s not too hard, it’s how most of us got through college. SO the bell has rung, and we’re getting ready for round 1 of trivia. It could be like a Tyson fight, over with really quickly, if it doesn’t go well.

It went fairly well
One kid dominated the whole competition, which is good, but the other team got discouraged pretty quickly and threw in the towel. So it became a one sided competition.

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