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Daily School Journal Day 37 (AM)

by admin on October 10th, 2003

I have papers to grade this morning. I shouldn’t say their papers, but I don’t quite know how else to classify them. I have these “articles” I am checking for our school newsletter. It’s going to be a lot of correcting. I am now in charge of the school newsletter/newspaper. I have about 5 kids writing different “stories” and so far none of them make a bit of sense, and 1 of them is 90% plagiarized. So I’ve got my work cut out for me. It’s also Friday, so today could be a decent day. I have to write out my “goals” on paper today as well, and find my substitute for next week.

It also looks like there will be some sort of hoops available for leaping through in regards to the no child left behind proposition, that will allow people like me to continue to be stuck in places that make them ill. More on this when it becomes available.

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