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Daily School Journal Day 34 (PM)

by admin on October 7th, 2003

I really don’t know about these kids sometimes. Here are some excerpts from the kids over the past two days.

“Just tell her it’s ok, it’ll bring you two closer together, she’s just afraid it’ll hurt, and she’s mostly just scared. You should just tell her it’ll bring you two closer.”

This was said by a girl to a boy telling him how to convince his girlfriend to sleep with him.

“You think she feels like a whore, what about how many guys I’ve slept with.”

I think that’s self-explanatory.

“Dude I showed everybody my nipple ring, I’m hella proud of it.”

This was a female telling this to her table. See I was really wanting them to stop the conversation, but telling them to stop discussing that means you’re listening, and anything nowadays can be considered harassment, so I just sort of pretend not to hear. It’s really disturbing. It’s somebody who’d make you eat your own vomit if they were to show you something like that.

“Dude, I was hella trippin’ on a bar of soap dude, I was watching it, and it was melting into my hands, it was hella crazy, it like melted into the water too, I was fryin’ BALLS! Dude.”

This was one intelligent students recollection of how his endeavor with hallucinogenic mushrooms went.

To whomever invented the term “frying balls”, could you please take it back, and never let it our again. It’s one of the worst phrases I’ve ever heard.

Our school is really bizarre in the fact that we don’t have a large African American population here, but we have a large white trash racist population. It’s not unusual at all to here them making racist comments about things they really know nothing about. SO I was listening today as one girl was making her little remarks, and kind of thinking to myself, “Oh great this is going to be fun to deal with.” I kind of take the approach, if you want to be a complete ignorant moron, go ahead, but I don’t want to hear about it. I was mulling over what to do about this, and also thinking, “Well thank God there are no Black kids in this class.” When BAM in walks new Black student. It always happens this way around here. So now I have to sort of keep an eye on the tension. I’m hoping it won’t get out of hand. The new student seems very nice; the white trash girl would really have to be malicious to pick on her.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings

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