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Daily School Journal Day 9 P.M.

by admin on September 2nd, 2003

I got my first batch of film papers today, and they are horrid. I really don’t know how else to describe them. If I were a fifth grader, I’d be embarrassed to turn them into my teacher. They are horrible. Let me just give you some samples. I’ll give the questions I posed them first, then their responses.

How did the pace of the movie affect your enjoyment? Be specific as to why or why not you liked it?

“I did not like it because it was boring. The same old civil war story and I seen better civil war movie”
“I liked it because they didn’t care if they die it was there tribe they died for.” (This one baffles me, I didn’t know there were tribes in the civil war.)
“It didn’t. I fell asleep watching it” (sounds like it did to me)
“It was kind of slow at first and then once the war started it speeded up” (Funny war tends to do that)
“It was pretty fast”
“It was a little bit slow, but it didn’t stop me from enjoying it a little bit”

Do you think keeping the story historically accurate is important in this type of movie? Even if it makes it boring in parts?

“Yes because then you would actually be learning things when you watch it”
“Yes because us yung people can see what happened in the old days”
“Yes because it is soposed to be some what educational movie”

Out of all three generals who do you think was the portrayed best? Lee? Jackson? Or Chamberlin? Why?

“Lee was a good general and he had good tactics and stratigys”
“General Jackson”
“Lee because he betrayed bad” (of course he did)
“I think Lee because he sounded like he was a little more smarter because of his strageties. He just sounded like he’s smarter about his war strageties”

Did this movie show favoritism to one particular side? If so, which one? Give examples from the film to support your answer?

“Yes it shows favoritism to the confederats because the always” (I wish I knew)
“Fredricks Berg. I don’t know why” (No, you don’t you don’t even know what question you’re on)
“I think it did but I couldn’t tell what”
“Maybe I didn’t notice”
“No not really because it was pretty planein most of the ways.” These wasn’t really any because it was just a boring movie all except the fighting parts.” (and the Pulitzer Prize goes to… )
“I think it was the same. It was fair”
“The south, they showed a lot of them.”
“I think the movie favortized the southside.” (I bet your SAT scores do too)

Which battle do you think was the best? Manassas, Fredericksburg, or Chancellor Ville? What aspects of the battle made it your favorite?

“I didn’t pay attention to the names But I liked the one where the guys were stant behind the wall firing at the others” (whew that narrows it down.)
“Manassas because that’s the war/battle was the most fair & troops really tried in that one” (That’s so sad when troops don’t try to fight. We would have won if we tried.)
“Fredricksberg because I liked how the come up to each other and just messed each other up hardcore droping person after person. That battle was interesting because I liked how they just come up to each other and shot, at first it looked like it was even but sooner or later one of them were shorter in men” (Dude, we may have a Rhodes scholar here)
“Because they flanked the other side and beat them bad.” (OK)

So there are a few samples. I really can’t write anymore today, reading that type of paper over and over again hurts my head. I start to write poorly, and think like a mop head, so I am done for the day. I really didn’t think my questions were that hard.

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