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Daily School Journal Day 21 (PM)

by admin on September 17th, 2003

Well today ended. I can’t say anything else. It was good for the most part. We had a surprise visit by a camera crew who are making an infomercial about our school. It’s like an ad to get students to join our school. At least I think that’s what it is. I was doing a crossword when they came in. I had to get up, pretend to wander around and look active. The kids had to start working, refrain from drug conversations. (“dude, I hope my mom doesn’t see this I was talking about drugs.”) It was awkward for all of us. I think we all sort of bonded a little. We were all just as pissed at their presence. It was the highlight of the day though. We had a lot more conversations by the kids about the murderers in the paper. Who knew whom, how long, for what, speculation on prison terms, sentences, etc? It was really uninteresting. One student is starting a scrapbook of the news articles. I don’t know if that were something I’d want around. Again, this is a totally different animal here.

Why do girls restrooms always look nicer, and are just better? We live in such an age of equality, and political correctness, and women activists, why are their bathrooms so much nicer? I really think men need to stand up to this. I was forced to use the women’s faculty room yesterday, due to a plumbing issue. I was impressed, there were wallpaper borders, shelves, and potpourri, and it smelled different. The one at the High school had a reading area. I swear. Who the hell reads anywhere but on the can? This is a mystery to me that I need an answer to. Why do they call it the Women’s lounge? There is some work place discrimination happening here, and all across the continent, and men are standing by and letting it go on. It needs to stop. We don’t need potpourri, or anything, but we could have video games in the stalls, CD players and stereos in there. Some places have put the token sports section over the pissers, and God Bless ESPN zone for having sports center on TV’s in the crappers, but the trend needs to press further. I demand it.

The wind proved to cause more disruptions than normal, but not as many as I thought. We had a lower turnout today than is normal for a Wednesday. The student leadership class is getting some new things going, and finishing a master calendar, which looks good. (Despite the fact they only put six days in each week) Tomorrow is Thursday, my Friday. I will have my first substitute of the year. I plan on posting their reviews of my classes. I always get a kick out of their takes on things, and the kids take on them.

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