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Daily School Journal Day 18 (PM)

by admin on September 12th, 2003

My cold is in a holding pattern. No better, no worse. I am excited for the weekend, it’s always refreshing to just sit, and hang out with my family. I didn’t get around to discussing with the kids today about their goals, etc. I was busy working on deficiency notices for kids who will fail if they don’t bust their butts. I wrote 44 of them. I think I have 65 kids total in all my classes. That right there tells you a lot about the make up of this school. Procrastination is our school mantra.
My Student Leadership class got some posters done today. They are not the greatest things in the world, but they are something constructive nonetheless. They just wanted to put the word beaver on the poster. It was wear a college logo to school day, posters, and they took a liking to OSU’s mascot I think.
I overheard a kid today talking about how he ate a bag of pot when the cops were after him; “It’s hella hard with all those twigs, and seeds and shit. Dude it took awhile.”
(Only my kids.) This comment spawned a full-blown discussion on whether or not it’d be cool to eat a bag of mushrooms while being pursued by the police. (The conversation didn’t even sway when I told them I was filling out the notices on their failing grades)
I don’t know the conclusion they ended at. I heard some convincing arguments for both sides.
“Dude, you’d be even MORE paranoid shroomin’ dude, it’d drive you nuts.”
“Nah you could f**K with the cops, and shit. You wouldn’t care.”
“F**k that dude.”
It was about this mentality the whole time.
There was a meeting for the newly designed Key Club today. I doubt they’ll use my logo idea of the handcuffs. Anyway, about 50 kids went to the meeting. WOW good turnout you say, no. Kids here ONLY go to meetings to get out of working in class. Thy have no interest in doing it, they just want to get out of their class. We get huge turnouts of kids going to listen to the highway patrol speak. Our kids must HATE school if they want to go listen to the law talk. They always ask questions like; “dude how do you tell if someone’s stoned.” Or “can you get in hella trouble for being stoned and riding a bike, cuz my friend J.T. said that some cop busted him for being stoned on his bike.” This is almost a direct quote I heard. One of these speakers on campus meetings was a recruiter from the Army; one of our braniacs challenged him to a push up contest. He lost. That’s something I figured most people wouldn’t do. I think I am in decent shape, and that thought would never enter my head. Ever.

Yesterday was September 11th, and it seemed like nobody here really even remembered it. It’s almost frightening. It goes back to the point that kids here have the mentality of 7 year olds. One of them was like “oh yeah, I remember that.” Well good, I hope so. I still don’t know how to react to it having been on the top of them, and been back since. It’s too weird.

I had to kick two kids out today for making spit wad shooters out of their pens. I did that in 5th grade. I may have thought about it in high school, but I doubt if I ever DID it. I was dumb in far more original ways.

Well I am off to enjoy the weekend; it’s hard to believe the session is half done. Time does fly, whether you have fun or not.

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