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Daily School Journal Day 16 (PM)

by admin on September 10th, 2003

Today on my scale wasn’t half bad. The kids worked for the most part. These kids always need some urging, or some extra coaxing to get them going, and to KEEP them going but usually if you can, they work. I ended up talking with some of them today, mostly small talk. I like to try and get some information out of them as to what they have planned for their future. It’s almost always as I suspect. They all want to work. The student I talked with today had no desire to be in school. It was hard for him to focus on being there when in his mind he sort of had things worked out. He wants to fix cars, or work as a contractor. Most kids are in that same boat. For them they don’t see the advantage to being a well-rounded knowledgeable person. The difference for these kids and kids with that mentality at regular schools is parents. Kids at regular schools have parents stressing the importance of a full education for them prior to going into a trade.

“It’s fine if you want to build houses for a living, but you’re finishing school first.”

I think even in those fields if you researched it, take mechanics for instance. I bet the mechanics with a college education would probably tend to be the more successful ones. I imagine they are better at conversing with customers about life in general, and are better at running a business, marketing, etc. I think the kid with no education probably in many respects can fix cars just as well, but I imagine it’s like the guy who fixes your car well but sort of gives you the creepy hillbilly vibe. I could be totally wrong, but I would think to some degree it’s like that. I think we need to focus with these kids on job shadowing, career choices, basic life finance, etc. Things they’ll use in life. Maybe I should see into getting myself a career class in the afternoon. Just focus on job stuff, how to do resumes, applications, business letters, banking, take them to different jobs to watch how it works (sort of like in Kindergarten when you went and watched ice cream get made.) I’ll pitch that at the next faculty meeting. I bet it’d do the kids far more service than what we do now.

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