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Daily School Journal Day 15 (PM)

by admin on September 9th, 2003

Not much happened today. It was one of the first rainy days of the year, so it tends to sort of water everything down including the kids. I didn’t hear many quotes, other than continued justification for the use of habaneras in the eyes.

“Dude they said it felt like Mace, so I put the fu**in’ peppers in my eyes.”

Ok said child already maces themselves in the eyes. Vomited. And now, because that feeling was so good, they wanted to rub hot peppers in their eyes. The funniest part about this is that someone had done it prior, to be able to tell him or her what it felt like.

Why? That’s all you can say. Why? I have never ever, in a million years thought. Hey it’d be fun or funny to mace my eyes. I mean I think we all kind of wonder, “I wonder what it would feel like to have mace sprayed in your eyes, or even on your skin.” Do we actually do it? NO! It’s one of those things I just assume, hey that’s got to suck.

It’s the Jackass lifestyle. I swear 1 show, albeit a funny show has been responsible for creating more of our students than a lot of things. I hear kids all the time talking about throwing themselves off of things, riding in things just to crash. They ALL got it from that show. I noticed that guy has the guts to do a lot of things, but let’s see him work here.

We’ve gotten a whole influx of new students the past week. The first look at them seems to sort of have me thinking they’re even worse than most. The deal is we usually get a few kids a year, it happens. With all the budget cuts, and people trying to maintain enrollment to keep jobs. We don’t get the same type of kid now. The kids that were really bad would just go straight to court schools, and we’d take the moderately messed up. Those kids now stay at the school, and WE take the major screw ups. The court schools have it a lot easier, they have way more control, and way more punishment they can hold over the kids. They have more security, rules, less facilities to watch, etc. It’s more like jail. They mess up there they go directly to juvenile detention facilities. We don’t have those luxuries.

I tried to hammer on all the kids today, to get SOMETHING done. Most of them were either too busy eating, or too tired to work. This brings up some new ideas I have about the reason for these kids behavior. Most of these kids come to school strictly for social interaction, they sleep, or just don’t do anything. I figure these kids have poor socialization skills in their home lives. Meaning mom and dad don’t talk with them about things. It’s kind of a let’s keep to our selves. SO the kids really don’t get that social acceptance until they get to school. SO to make up for a lousy social life at home, they have to catch up all day at school. I don’t pretend to know HALF of what goes on in their houses, but I think they just either are afraid to sleep, or have no rules, so they go out til all hours, and keep on looking for that acceptance. I remember in high school, even though my parents made me pissed a lot of the time, I always wanted them to be proud of me or happy with me first. I don’t think it’s like that for these kids. Friends first, family second is their philosophy. So when they get to school, they’re too tired to work. I can only assume that the kids parents must have a, ‘don’t bother me’ attitude about their kids. I mean when I get home my first thing is finding out how my son’s days went. I like to know, I like to hear what happened. I guess the parents figure that Hell, we put up with you for so long, now that you’re old enough to go out, GO OUT AND LEAVE ME ALONE. I’ve done some work at homes of a few of the kids at these schools. I notice several things

1) The kids live in pretty shady circumstances.
They don’t have the luxuries most are used to.

2) These kids get sick a lot more often than most people. I get sick (colds) just by going over there. Some kids have parents who are on oxygen, and grandparents who are the same (they all smoke constantly) It’s no wonder your child isn’t healthy. It’s in the genetics. Genetics does play a part in our system too.

3) I notice the parents aren’t around a lot, and if so generally don’t have any ideas or clues about what’s going on with their kid.

4) The kids seem to dictate what goes on in the house pertaining to them. I mean I had one student who I brought work to because he had broken his arm fighting. Dad and Mom seemed concerned, and like good folks, but they had the kind of “He does what he wants. We can’t control him.” Attitude. That is never going to get you anywhere.

5) The location where these kids live puts them in contact with people who aren’t necessarily good for kids to be around like, drug users, criminals, etc. It’s a sad truth that these types of people tend to live in poorer communities.

There’s some book called ‘it takes a nation to raise a child’ or something like that… but if you think about it, it’s true, Parents, grandparents, neighbors, church, friends, etc. All have a say and help in making you who you are. I can remember doing dumb things when I was younger, and having my neighbors rat me out. These kids are missing several of those factors in their lives to help keep them in line.

Not to mention 80% of these kids parents are divorced. I’d say that’s a huge factor as well. I doubt most of these parents get together to discuss what rules their child should live by? This creates severe conflict in them, which I get the brunt of. Their attitudes are “I can’t control them, so they’ going to live with their dad.” And vice versa. It’s just a parent putting up with the kids until they can’t control them, then they ship them out to the other parent or relative. It’s really sad, and unfortunate.

I am off to go make the world bright and happier, and see if Mr. Anvil Niedhart paid me a visit.

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