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Daily School Journal Day 12 P.M.

by admin on September 4th, 2003

“Dude that reminds me of the time I went to Chuck E. Cheese’s for my 17th birthday and my parents bought me like 100$ worth of tokens, and I got like 4,000 tickets, so I could by whatever I wanted, I bought one of those big ass Chuck E. dolls, and put a tie dyed shirt on it, with a big pot leaf on it, so he was Rastafarian Chuck E., Jamaican Chuck E.”

“Ha-ha no way dude”

“They totally have Chuck E. in Jamaica.”

That was the quote of the day. I can’t even remember what else happened after that.
I kicked two girls out of my Film Study class for not shutting up, which is my first rule in my’10 Ways to succeed in Film’ paper.

“Do we still get credit for the day?”


That’s like saying, “I had the winning lottery ticket, but I rolled it up and smoked it, do I still get paid?”

I had someone ask me today, “Where’s the pencil sharpener?”

O.k. If you’ve been alive in ANY school ever created there are 2 places where the pencil sharpener is.

1)Next to the drinking fountain

2)Next to the door.

I have one next to each.

I said, “It’s in the closet”

After about 4 minutes of looking in the closets, the student saw it on the wall.

“It’s not on the closet!”

“No, it’s not.”

I can’t count how many times during a day where I just sit and shake my head in disbelief.

I overheard kids in the hall talking about how many mushrooms they took and how cool the static looks on the screen on the TV when they do it.

“Yeah hella” should be our school motto.

I hear that at least 500 times a day.
“Can you make me some photo copies please?”
“Yeah, hella.”
“Are you going to go drink’til you vomit blood this weekend?”
“Yeah hella
I hate that word. Leave it to the youth of today to invent new words that really have no meaning. I have heard marijuana called every name in the book other than marijuana.
Green Dankie
Dank Nugs
(I think you get the idea)
Killer Green
Killer Dank
Dank Shit
Dope Chron’

I’m done. I could go on, I’ll add any really outstanding new words as I hear them.
I may do a class poll; it’d be the only one I got 100% participation in.

Tomorrow is Friday, and another week will have flown by, as best as it can.

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