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Daily School Journal, Day 2

by admin on August 25th, 2003

Today was only slightly more bearable than yesterday, merely because it was one day closer to summer. There were more 20-minute meetings that took 4 hours. We had a catered lunch for the school, and that was here the highlights ended. I moved two boxes in my room from one side to the other; I considered it my room arrangement for the day. What gets me most so far this year is according to record; our school is over-staffed by one, SO why not move me back to the high school to teach art. It’s a win win situation. Oh well, as per usual the mind of the educational higher ups ceases to stay within the walls of logic. I feel sorry for these kids who attend here, having poor family lives, and whatnot, I do, and I feel blessed to have a job…. but I just know I’m not the one to reach the kids at this school… I don’t belong here. I don’t have any level can relate to these kids on. I wasn’t a continuation kid myself, I didn’t grow up with dysfunctional parents, and I don’t live off of a 1st and 15th payday. I can read, write, etc. I don’t understand them, or have anything that they can see as an experience worth bettering their lives after. The fact we both think the skeleton from Iron Maiden kicks ass isn’t a bonding point worthy of them listening to me.
Well tomorrow is a full day of “classroom” time, I still don’t know how I will fill 8 hours of this stuff. The school is cracking down on leaving early, and stuff, so we’re bound to a 3:12 departure time. Forget the fact I work through my break doing detention, and other district related items…. so if being that way is the way they want it, I’m out at 3:12 exactly everyday. I feel like Doogie Howser M.D. writing my journal, only with out the witty one-liners.

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