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Daily Journal Day 8 A.M.

by admin on August 29th, 2003

Discipline vs. A.D.A. That seems to be one of the biggest issues facing our school. Anyone who sort of knows education knows that A.D.A. stands for Average, Daily Attendance, and A.D.A. = Money. That’s the way it works. We get paid by the number of kids in chairs on average, I’m not exactly sure on how it works, but that’s the basic. Our district is in a state of declining enrollment. This means that kids aren’t staying here in are moving to other districts. So our school policy in the office has been to keep kids here, in order to save jobs, this leads to a problem. There is very little discipline. Keep in mind suspension is hard because A) it’s not A.D.A., and B) every kid here wants to be suspended, it’s not punishment. You don’t really want them hanging around, and causing trouble, our school has taken a musical chairs stand on discipline. Kids misbehave and they move them to another class, and keep doing that until hopefully the year is up, and near the end of the year After P2 (which is the official last date they go by on A.D.A. numbers, then we move them to another school, or increase discipline, but it made for a very hard 8 months up until that point. SO Yesterday a few teachers said if things didn’t change, people would be quitting. It was pretty cool. So it turns out we have options that we never exercised much. We have a community day program, which is like our school but the 6-9th grade version, and only about 17 kids. It turns out we can put our kids there as well, so we will put 1 or 2 in that program, which will totally humiliate them, having to go to school with kids who are in 6th grade. We’ll put a few in independent study, which gets them off of campus. 2 of the bigger problems will get shipped to the court school, which is like our school but with real ways to discipline, like hard work detail, and juvenile detention facilities. I think these changes should help get rid of at least 8 of the bigger problems on campus, which should scare about another 10 of the next level up problems, overall making work more bearable. It is Friday, and payday, so that should make today fairly pleasant, plus for whatever reason our enrollment drops on Fridays, Especially near the 1st.

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