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Daily Journal Day 7 P.M.

by admin on August 28th, 2003

Well today was pretty run of the mill.
I did get about 7 people removed from my first period class which was nice, although they took some of the better students. It’ll be fine though I’m sure. Kids are really falling back into the habit of not working, and talking.
Today I kicked a kid out of class for sleeping. “You mean I can’t just lay here?” was his answer. How do you respond to that? I kicked him out, and he’s not allowed back was my only option. The same kid is in my “leadership” class. Right now he’s working on Red Ribbon week *(Drug Free stuff), and he’s busy trying to make the drug free slogans into drug use references. Things like,
“Drugs stink, but they smell better than you”
“Cool Cats don’ do rugs” (wow it’ so funny when you remove the D)
“I’ve got a bright future, I’m a druggie”
These are your basic really original comments. I find it hard to believe he’s not already a highly paid stand up comic.

Wow, there is a girl trying to fight a boy right now! only here. I’m not intervening only because people here are mostly talk, they never fight. It appears the girl is a black belt, and she’s really not afraid of a boy. The guy is throwing out every excuse in the book to try and avoid it. “You don’t have a dick” was the best one. And presto- It’s already over with.

We had kids today trying to decide what other liquor was in Jose Cuervo. Its JUST tequila, but they swore it was a mixture.
“Dude what’s in Cuervo? It’s Tequila and what? Tequila and what dude?”
So it took 30 minutes to decide they didn’t know. The conversation finished like this:
“Dude one time I put two bottles of cuervo in a watermelon, and we put a hole in it, and smoked the green dankie out of the hole, it was awesome.”

It’s hilarious to listen to them discuss their various levels of accomplishment in the fields of sex, drugs, and drinking, and add musical history. They all always drink a whole fifth of 100 proof liquor, plus a lot of beer, and weed, and other shots, and are still out walking around and “partying”. Sure, I believe them. I wish I could call them on it, and say, ok prove it.

Yesterday I said I’d discuss why I thought some teachers were “gung-ho” about their professions. I think it starts with the fact they are teaching the grade they like, and a subject matter they like. I think without that, you get frustrated from the start; you’re constantly winging it, and trying to identify with the kids while make sure they get this information, you only kind of remember yourself. Second of all I think you have to be naturally able to relate to the kids. I think some people are good at it, and some aren’t. I think I used to be good at it, and used to like it. That was 4 years ago, before I got stuck here, with a group of kids I don’t relate to. I think sometimes in some cases people really don’t have lives outside their jobs. They get their acceptance and love from the school, all their friends are teachers there, the people who make them feel satisfied, etc. I think this is sad. I see it though. Life for them, at home, is too boring, and not meaningful, so they live for work. Some I think are just happy to be there, do what they can but understand it’s only their job, and when they go home, they leave work at work. I know a few teachers in this category who are good teacher, like their jobs, and are fully functioning adults with families and friends outside of school.

I think to be a good, happy educator you need a good enjoyable family and friend network outside of class, and you need to teach subjects you love, and are interested in, to a group of kids you relate to best.

I had two girls today leave my film class so they could sit outside and talk. I said “whatever”, as long as they knew they were losing out on getting any credit for the week. They didn’t care. It goes back to the idea that these kids only live for the moment, they don’t think about how their actions now might affect their future. They haven’t seen anything good in their lives to pattern their future on, so they just work for immediate gratification.

Leadership class is nearing an end, and they haven’t gotten the list together of the items I asked them for. They’ve talked about drug use, lighters, and insane clown posse for 40 minutes. Well at least it’s almost Friday for a 3 day weekend.

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