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Daily Journal Day 7 A.M.

by admin on August 28th, 2003

“Give me a fish and you feed me for a day, teach me to fish and you feed me for a lifetime”
I heard that piece of wisdom on the radio this morning, and it helped me better understand our kids. How do you ask? Well our kids by in large want to be given the fish, forever. 80% (which may be a low estimate) are on welfare or something like it, I consider drug money like welfare. So their ideas of how to spend their life revolves around working as little as possible. So my new motto would read like this “Give me a fish, cool! Teach me to fish, and I’ll get drunk and pass out before the bait hits the water”

I’m sick of waking up only moments before my alarm. It makes me really angry, but I still don’t know if I like the alarm jolting me out of sleep either.

My son gets to meet his pre-school teacher today, and the whole family is excited. I think, in pondering some more, that having family support you in education is 70% of what will bring success. The other 30% is having good friends, who have similar backgrounds, and upbringings. It’s worked for everyone I’ve seen. The kids here don’t have good home lives that really support education, and at school all their peers are just as pissed to be at school as them, nobody wants to be the rebel who loves school.

It’s so funny how opposite it is from a regular school. At a regular high school I can remember the one or two kids who’d be talking about how lame school was and stuff, and other kids would basically be like; you’re an idiot, have fun serving fries for the rest of your life, I’m going to college and get a good job. Here kids all seem to talk about what is happening this weekend, and who’s buying them beer. My name always comes up as a joke by them, to see how I’ll react. I always tell them I wouldn’t buy them beer if they were on their deathbed, AND old enough to drink. This comparison of both schools leads me to another big difference between my students, and regular high school students. My kids live for the moment thinking no further than the weekend, while regular ed kids live for the future, and for goals. Again I think this has to do with what attitude is presented at home.

Well today is supposed to be the day where my class sizes shrink a little, we’ll see. 28 in first period is ridiculous

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